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Goblin-designed incendiary devices designed for subterranean excavation, mines are now also used for more martial purposes. These small black bombs launch shrapnel and flame in all directions upon exploding after a short period of time. Mines were even adapted for use by the Allied Forces, in a form called the Black Mine, which can be spawned by players during a campaign battle using the item of the same name. Mostly a lost technology after the Crystal War's end, Qiqirn have revived their use to cover their trail while fleeing in combat.

Mines target themselves when they explode, and deal radial fire damage. Mines will detonate if no one is close enough to be hit by it at any point during its existence.

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Goblin Mine
  • Iron Bomb
  • Qiqirn Mine

Besieged Allies Edit

  • Qiqirn Mine

Campaign Allies Edit

  • Black Mine

Special Attacks Edit

  • Mine Blast: Explodes after a short time if not destroyed, dealing massive fire damage to all entities and structures of the allegiance opposite to the mine's.


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