Final Fantasy X-2 Boss
ラグ (Ragu)
Mindy ffx-2
Level HP MP
44 9,788 9,999
Strength Magic Defense
28 72 8
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
121 89 4
Evasion Luck
76 0
3,000 8 1,000
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water
- - -
Ice Gravity Holy
- Immune -
Location Farplane
Chapter(s) 5
Common Steal Chaos Shock
Rare Steal Chaos Shock
Gil Steal 3,000
Common Drop Faerie Earrings
Rare Drop Faerie Earrings
Bribe Amount N/A
Common Bribe None
Rare Bribe None
Abilities Passado, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Waterga
Blue Bullet N/A
Status Resist Zantetsu (150)
Status Immunity All
Other Information This enemy does not Oversoul.
An aeon that once fought alongside Yuna.

Mindy is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2 along with the other Magus Sisters, Cindy and Sandy. She is fought on the road to the Farplane.


Her special ability, Passado, is more dangerous than Cindy's or Sandy's special abilities, and she has the least HP. Once any of the sisters has been defeated they can no longer use their dreaded Delta Attack Overdrive. The Magus Sisters do not have any elemental affinities.


Using Paine's Full Throttle dressphere to spam Sword Dance and/or Fiers on Mindy first is a good way to start the battle. After defeating Mindy the party should go after Cindy, since she has healing magic.

If the player doesn't want to use special dresspheres, a party consisting of an Alchemist and two Dark Knights is one good setup. The Dark Knights should repeatedly use Darkness to damage all three sisters at once, and it won't take more than a couple of turns to defeat Mindy.

The Alchemist should mix a Potion and a Hi-Potion every turn to achieve a Mega-Potion. Stashing Mega-Potions also works, but Stash has a longer charge time than Mix. Mixing a Lunar Curtain and a Light Curtain may be a good idea, to grant Shell and Protect to the party at once.


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