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Final Fantasy XII Mark
マインドフレア (Maindo Furea)
XII mindflayer render
#239#240 #241
31,161 999
Strength Magic
32 26
Defense Mag Def
15 26
Vitality Speed
74 19
Attack Evade%
49 4
0 18
CP Gil
3,150 0
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Halves Halves Halves Halves
Wind Earth Dark Holy
Halves Halves Halves Halves
Bestiary Location Marks
Location Henne Mines
Common Steal Pebble
Uncommon Steal Float Mote
Rare Steal Vanishga Mote
Common Drop None
Uncommon Drop None
Rare Drop None
Very Rare Drop None
Monograph Drop None
Canopic Jar Drop None
Common Poach None
Rare Poach None
Attacks regular attack
Abilities Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, Bio, Drain, Invert, Hero's March, Dark Shock, Soul Etude, Time Requiem, Mystery Waltz
Innate abilities Safety, Ignore Vitality, Piercing Magic, Magic up when critical, Defense up when critical, Half MP Cost, Spellbound, Item boost, Spellspring (HP<20%), Resist Damage (HP<20%)
Immune to Death, Petrify, Stop, Doom, Confuse, Sleep, Disease, Reverse, Slow, Disable, Immobilize, Silence, Blind, Poison, Oil, Lure, Warp, Fractional Damage, Sight Unseeing, Syphon, Numerology, Charm, Achilles, Wither, Addle
Other Information Has Shell, Haste, and Faith statuses.
Libra is ineffective.

The Mindflayer is a Rank IV Mark in the game Final Fantasy XII, found in the Phase 1 Dig area of the Henne Mines, but will only appear if the party has full MP. The hunt becomes available after felling Judge Bergan at Mt Bur-Omisace. While the hunt is undertaken, a garif named Asdalu can be found and spoken to in the Staging Shaft of the Henne Mines. 3 Mindflayers are also fought in the International Zodiac Job System trial mode at stage 17.

Clan PrimerEdit

Hunt 15: The Mine FlayerEdit


Mark Bill.

Petitioner: Warrior Guromu
Petitioner's Location: Jahara
  • Saw bill posted for the hunting of a mindflayer (Rank IV). The petitioner is Warrior Guromu in the Lull of the Land in Jahara.
  • Hunt accepted. Warrior Guromu tells you that one of his people went to learn more of the mindflayers and never returned. the mindflayer is to found in the Henne Mines. It is known to prefer places with a dense Mist.
  • Mindflayer defeated! Report to Warrior Guromu in the Lull of the Land in Jahara.
  • Hunt reported. With the mindflayer gone, Warrior Guromu is certain his friend will soon return.

Bestiary EntryEdit

Genus: Rank IV Mark
Class: Mindflayer
Being one of a Race of Beings evolved from the lowly Amorph. Possessed of great Intellect compared to its common ilk, it attacks by manipulating Thought with its indomitable Will. It is far eviler than its ancestors, and Proud of its superior Nature, loving above all Else the sight of other sentient Beings in Pain. The garif have sworn Enmity toward the Mindflayers, and one of them posted a Bill for this Mark.



Battle with the Mindflayer.

The player can cast Berserk and Slow on the Mindflayer to stop him from casting magick. He will still use Invert. The Nihopalaoa + Remedy trick will work on the Mindflayer.

Mindflayer's Invert ability is highly dangerous for it turns the character's HP to his/her current MP. The Balance magick (which inflicts damage to all enemies in an area based on the range between the user's current HP with their Max HP) can be used to deal massive damage against it, but the odds of it to actually hit are quite low.

Mindflayer can be very deadly with its Time Requiem ability, which inflicts Stop to all units in an area. Power Armlet gives immunity to Stop, but if it isn't available, the party can buff themselves with Shell to reduce the chance of being inflicted with statuses to half, making it unlikely the entire party will be stopped at once. Luckily, The Mindflayer would usually resort in casting Drain on one character. During that moment, changing party members is a must.

The Mindflayer may restore all of its health the first time it is goes HP Critical, and if so the player will have to deplete its HP again to defeat it.


Before redeeming the awards for the Mindflayer hunt, the player may interact with the garif Asdalu in the Staging Shaft area of Henne Mines. He said that his mind has been clearer and sensed that the Mindflayer has been defeated. He pronounced that he 'can' later return to the village and "would not want them to worry".



[view  · edit  · purge]Mindflayers, or "Illithids," are a race found in Dungeons & Dragons. They appear humanoid, with heads resembling those of octopodes, but hail from a strange dimension called the Far Realm. They have fearsome psychic powers, and often enslave other races. They are based on the ancient god Cthulhu, from the stories of H. P. Lovecraft.

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