FFIX Monster-In-A-Box

A Mimic attacking the party in Final Fantasy IX.

Mimics are an enemy in the later section of games in the Final Fantasy series. They take the appearance of treasure chests or other objects and once triggered, burst out as an enemy. Mimics are a replacement of Monsters-in-boxes which contained monsters instead of usual items.


Final Fantasy IXEdit



The Mimic appears disguised as a treasure-chest in Final Fantasy IX. One of its abilities is "Call", which will summon the Magic Vice enemy into battle. The Mimic can call more if the last one was defeated. They can be found in the mansion of Burmecia impersonating treasure chests.

Final Fantasy XEdit


MimicB (FFX)

The Mimic appears as a normal treasure chest in battle in Final Fantasy X. If the steal command is used, the message "Nothing to steal" will appear and it will transform into the fiend, which is rather difficult to kill. While in its treasure chest form, attacking it will kill it as it has very low HP in this form.

But the player does not know if it is a real chest or a mimic. However, if the player uses Mug instead of Steal, the Mimic can be killed while still in its weak chest form. Or take whatever treasure may be inside if it is a real chest. They can only be fought within the Omega Ruins and there are four different types.

Final Fantasy XIEdit



There are several different ways to encounter Mimics in Final Fantasy XI. The first is to be a thief and to unsuccessfully pick a lock. If a lock is failed to be picked, the chest will transform into a Mimic. In Pso'Xja they can be encountered as normal enemies and they are available in some Aht Urghan mercenary Assault Missions or to venture into a certain Burning Circle Notorious Monster fight where it is required that you fight a mimic.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit



Mimic in Final Fantasy XII.

Some Urns may happen to be Mimics and attack the party in Final Fantasy XII. They are first found at the Barheim Passage, and are usually found in underground or indoor areas, such as the Henne Mines and the Lhusu Mines. They are usually a slightly different color to the normal treasure Urns, and can be quickly identified as monsters.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit


Ffxiirw Mimic

The Mimics appear as normal treasure chests until a group leader tries to open it in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Its basic command is a weak physical attack which makes it less threatening than previous appearances.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

XIV Mimics appear in the Lost City of Amdapor as a potential hazard; players must choose the correct box at two points to avoid being attacked. Several "Treasure Coffers" appear in Hullbreaker Isle that are Mimics, however some of these must be slain to obtain Stone Tablets needed to open a door to the second boss.

A diminutive Mimic called "Treasure Box" can be obtained as a minion by purchasing from Hunt Billmasters.

Mimics may appear from treasure chests in the Palace of the Dead.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit



Mimics are sometimes summoned by Judges in Clan Trials, and retain their status of Monster in a Box.

Final Fantasy AdventureEdit


FFA Mimic Chest Sprite

The Mimic is an enemy found within the Cara Mountain Range, Cave of Medusa, Gaia Pass, Glaive Castle, and Old Mine. They have a chance of inflicting Dark per hit.

Vagrant StoryEdit



Mimic in Vagrant Story.

Mimics appear as normal treasure chests in Vagrant Story. They appear as insect-like creatures that appear from under the chest unlike other Mimics appearing in Ivalice.

Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit


Mimics are encountered in Rebena Te Ra for all cycles. Like all mimics in the series, they appear as harmless chests until they feel threatened and turn into very aggressive monsters.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit


Mimics take on the appearance of regular brown treasure chests, until they reveal their single eye and purple claws when approached.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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World of Final FantasyEdit


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Other appearancesEdit

Kingdom Hearts Birth by SleepEdit

Chest Spider KHBBS

The Spiderchest is, if not an official appearance, a very strong reference to the Mimic. It disguises itself as a chest and will attack the player should any attempt to open it be made. In the Final Mix version, a palette swap called Flame Box appears.