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FFVI Gogo Mimicking Ultima

Gogo Mimicking Ultima in Final Fantasy VI.

Mimic (ものまね, Monomane?), also known as Mime and Copycat, is a command ability in several Final Fantasy games. It is the signature ability of the Mime class, allowing a character to copy a previous command, whether it be from themselves or an ally's, and typically does so without expending MP or, in case of using items, without actually expending the item from the inventory.


Final Fantasy VEdit


FFV Mimic Icon iOS

Mimic is the Mime's main command ability, learned for 999 ABP.

Mimic allows the Mime to repeat the previous action with no MP consumption; however:

  • Mimicking an item use causes another of that item to be used up.
  • Mimicking Animals, Dance and Terrain will still result in a random action.
  • Mimicking Odin will still choose randomly between Gungnir and Zantetsuken.
  • Mimicking Zeninage still uses up money.
  • The character will mimic commands such as Defend.
  • The mimed action depends on the Mime's stats, not the character they're miming.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

VI Gogo's special ability is Mimic that lets Gogo mime the last action used. When mimicking spell use, Gogo uses no MP, and when mimicking item use or throw, no items are expended from the inventory. However, mimicking Gil Toss still uses up gil. If Mimic is used directly after Interceptor counterattacks for Shadow, Gogo will call Interceptor for the same attack. Gogo cannot mimic Desperation Attacks. If nobody has taken any action yet, and Gogo uses Mimic, Attack will be used.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

VII Equipping the Command Materia Mime or Master Command gives access to Mimic command that copies the last action taken in battle. The user can mimic his or her own Limit Breaks, and the Materia can be linked with Support Materia for interesting results, such as linking it with multiple Command Counters to counterattack an attack with multiple Limit Breaks. Mime works on spells that fail due to lack of MP.

Final Fantasy XEdit

X Copycat is a Special ability that mimics an ally's previous command for the MP cost of 28. It is located near the end of Rikku's section of the basic Sphere Grid and the start of Lulu's section, but a Lv. 4 Key Sphere is needed to access it. Characters cannot mimic each others' Overdrives or Yuna's summoning.

Copycat takes MP to use, but can be made useful for mimicking actions that would otherwise take more MP to perform, such as Doublecasting Ultima or Death for getting rid of weaker enemies faster. Copied attacks are subject to Copycat user's weapon abilities, such as Magic Booster and Magic Plus % factors. Copycat is thus not identical to the copied move, but is its own command; e.g. if a character copies Quick Hit or Quick Pockets, they will merely use a regular physical attack or an item, without getting their next turn faster, because the Copycat command doesn't have this "bonus".

When fighting the Mimic enemies in Omega Ruins, Copycat is nullified.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

XI Colibri may cast any spell cast upon them within the last 30 seconds. They will cast the spell either onto the character who cast upon them or onto the member of the group with the greatest enmity. Abilities cannot be copied, only magic (including songs, ninjutsu and Blue Magic).

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT The Mime cannot actually use the mime ability, since it will copy a unit's actions the second it sees them.

Bravely DefaultEdit

BD Mimic is a Miscellany ability learned by Freelancers at job level 14 (max). It allows the character to perform the same action as the previous one, whether it was the Mimic user's or another ally's. No HP, MP, BP, pg, or items will be consumed.

Bravely Second: End LayerEdit


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Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia Bartz Klauser's battle style is based on mimicking and combining two of his comrades' abilities, while his HP attacks are integral imitations of some of his allies'.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 Mimicry returns as Bartz Klauser's battle style in the prequel to Dissidia, which has suffered heavy changes since the original game, as many of his combos were replaced or changed to include abilities from new characters to Dissidia.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015)Edit


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Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

TFF Mimic is a special ability learned by Bartz at Level 75, Vaan at Level 55, and Cosmos at Level 5. Costing 8 CP to equip, Mimic activates when the player gets Good or better on 125 Triggers, and copies the effects of the last abilities activated.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit


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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Two Mime cards have effects based on Mimic. A card depicting the Tactics female Mime allows the player to choose a Forward in their party after they have attacked, and for the rest of the turn the Mime has the same Power as that Forward. Another card showing the male Tactics Mime has a similar effect, granting it the same Power as the opponent's weakest Forward until the end of the turn, for a cost of one Water CP.

Two of Bartz's reference his Mime job and ability to Mimic. His Amano art card grants Bartz the element and jobs of all other Forwards the player controls, while his Dissidia EX Mode card allows Bartz to use the abilities of all other Forwards the player controls.

Gogo's cards allow him to Mimic the abilities of other cards in different . His Amano art card grants him Haste and Preemptive Attack if a Forward with either of those abilities is in the player's Break Zone, and when the player uses a Forward's special ability, Gogo gains that same ability for the rest of the turn. His SD art card allows the player to pay one Water CP, and Gogo's Power is equal to the Power of a Forward of the player's choice for the rest of the turn. A card featuring an alternate Amano art allows Gogo to use the Action Ability of any other card of the player's that has used its Action Ability the same turn, for the cost of Dulling Gogo and paying one Water CP.


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