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TA2 The Mimic is an enemy from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

Appearing as a simple glove, the Mimic attacks by forming itself into one of the symbols from Rock-Paper-Scissors. Mimics have a very low Movement stat and are weak to every element. They like to disguise themselves as treasure chests and attack those who would reap their illusioned reward.

Classes Edit


These fiendish creatures conceal themselves to take unwary adventurers by surprise.

Stats Edit

Monster Move Jump Evasion Resilience Weak Half Null Absorb
Mimic 2 2 5 50 All elements

Abilities Edit

Paper-Rock-Scissors Edit

Mimics have their own peculiar way of fighting.

Ability MP Range Effect
Rock Self Restores user's HP.
Scissors 10 4 Damages units in an area (Lightning-elemental).

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