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The Militesi Coeurl is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0 encountered from the third mission of chapter 2 and onwards.

Enemy CompendiumEdit

Although scientists have bred and raised these coeurls for use in the imperial army, they have not made any sort of genetic modifications. Thus, the felines themselves are physiologically identical to their wild counterparts. Because they are such agile and intelligent creatures, they are far more lethal and reliable in combat than common soldiers. Moreover, coeurls are blessed with acute senses, and the empire has begun employing these creatures as guard animals around many of their strongholds.


When they spot the cadets, Militesi Coeurls will immediately charge at them to attack at close range.

If the leader of the area is defeated, the Militesi Coeurls will surrender and yield Pretty Pelts.



The coeurl is a fictional alien race created by science-fiction writer A. E. van Vogt. Coeurls also appear in other fantastical environments, such as the game Dungeons & Dragons (as "Displacer Beasts"). Coeurls are generally described to be feline with longer forelimbs and tentacles.

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