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XI Mijin Gakure is the Ninja's special job ability in Final Fantasy XI.

  • Sacrifices user's life to deal damage to an enemy.
  • Obtained: NIN Level 1
  • Recast Time: 1:00:00
  • Duration: Instant

Information Edit

  • Mijin Gakure is completely different from any other one-hour ability, because it actually KOs the Ninja when it is used.
  • Ninja activate explosives on their own bodies, and give their lives to deal non-elemental magic damage to an enemy. It is a last resort used to protect information, allow allies to escape, or die with honor in a no-win situation.
  • The amount of damage is directly related to the amount of HP the Ninja has remaining, so if the Ninja has low HP, Mijin Gakure will deal little damage.
  • Any player that uses this ability will immediately be KO'd; however, no Experience Points are lost.
  • If the Innin ability is active, and a Ninja uses Mijin Gakure while behind an enemy, the ability will receive a damage bonus.
  • If the user is Raised, he or she will not be in a Weakened state.
  • The damage dealt by Mijin Gakure is rarely remarkable when used by players, even when HP is full. Its most frequent uses are:
    • To avoid Experience Points loss in the face of certain death.
    • To return the player to his or her home point, with no Experience Points lost.
    • To die and avoid the Weakened state that is normally inflicted upon being Raised.
  • When Notorious Monsters use Mijin Gakure, the explosion deals massive Area of Effect damage, and does not take the enemy's life.

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