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Mighty Strikes is a recurring ability in the series.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XI Edit

Mighty Strikes is the Warrior's Special Job Ability in Final Fantasy XI. A secret melee technique of professional Warriors, this ability focuses the Warrior's power to the fullest to take down enemies by striking vital areas.

  • Turns all melee attacks into critical hits for 45 seconds.
  • Obtained: Warrior Level 1
  • Recast Time: 1 hour
  • Duration: 45 seconds
  • This ability has no effect on accuracy, as attacks made while Mighty Strikes is active may still miss.
  • Also affects physical weapon skills used while ability is active.
  • Use of this ability with multi-hit weapon skills can produce extremely high damage (Example: Sturmwind, Raging Rush, Rampage).
  • Produces greater damage per hit with a multi-hit weapon skill when active than a normal critical hit during a weapon skill.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

Mighty Strikes is the capstone ability for Warriors. While active, all attacks with an axe will be a critical hit.

Final Fantasy Artniks Edit

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