FFXIV Midare Setsugekka

Midare Setsugekka in Final Fantasy XIV.

Attacks a single enemy three times.

Midare Setsugekka (乱れ雪月花 or 乱れ雪月華, Midare Setsugekka?), also known as Midareyuki, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series.

The ability originally comes from the SaGa series, often appearing as one of the most powerful physical attack skills when it appears. Due to the localizations in which the attack appears, the ability has gone through multiple names, with Scattered Petals being most recent consistent name since the release of Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song. The ability has since appeared in multiple Square-Enix titles, including the Final Fantasy series, with the animations sometimes alluding to the animations used in the SaGa series.


Final Fantasy XIVEdit

FFXIV Midare Setsugekka Icon

Midare Setsugekka is a level 50 weaponskill available for the Samurai job and is immediately available when the job in unlocked. It is the job's hardest-hitting single-target ability, requiring the Samurai's unique gauge to build up between one and three Sen. Midare Setsugekka has a nominal potency of 720 but is generally buffed by first using the skill titled "Hissatsu: Kaiten," which increases the potency of the following weaponskill by 50%, increasing Midare Setsugekka's effective potency to 1,080, the highest single-target potency in the game as of Patch 4.25.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Midareyuki is a Fusion ability used by the Warriors of Darkness by using the Barrage and Assassinate abilities. At the cost of 36 MP, the user will deal three hits of non-elemental physical damage at 100% accuracy, hitting separately with each weapon if dual-wielding. The attack is 2.5~2.6 times as powerful as regular attack, and the damage is divided between the three attacks.

The animation for Midareyuki is heavily inspired by Midare Setsugekka's appearance in the first SaGa Frontier.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II (Free-to-play)Edit

Midare Setsugekka I-IV were physical attacks in the original free-to-play versions. The abilities could be used by any party member as long as they had the Urpina signet equipped. The abilities dealt three heavy non-elemental physical attacks to a single enemy. Midare Setsugekka dealt more damage depending on the summon's rank and had increased MP costs for each version of the spell. The abilities were removed from the premium version.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Midare Setsugekka exclusively appears in the Japanese version as a shared Soul Break. It can only be used when equipped with the Moonlight weapon. The attack deals three non-elemental physical attacks to random enemies and inflicts Stop. The Soul Break's animation is heavily inspired from the Romancing SaGa 2 version of the attack.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Midare Setsugekka is written as "乱れ雪月花" which translates to "Chaotic Seasonal Beauty". The name Setsugetsuka (雪月花) is a compound word meaning "Seasonal Beauty", and contains the kanji for "snow" (, Yuki?), "moon" (, Tsuki?), and "flowers" (, Hana?).