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FFXIV Miasma

Miasma in Final Fantasy XIV.

Miasma (瘴気, Shouki? or ミアズマ, Miazuma?) is a recurring enemy ability that generally inflicts negative status effects on the party.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XI Edit

Mamool Ja leader Gulool Ja Ja possesses an attack called Miasma, which inflicts multiple status effects within a radius of himself.

Final Fantasy XIII Edit

In Final Fantasy XIII, Miasma is an attack used by some winged Cie'th.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

Miasma returns as an attack used by some winged Cie'th, such as Varcolaci.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit


Miasma appears in Final Fantasy XIV as an Arcanist ability available at level 10. The ability deals unaspected damage to a single target with the potency of 20 and deals damage over time with a potency of 35 for a period of 24 seconds. In addition, the ability also has the chance to inflict the Disease status for a duration of 24 seconds. The ability can only be used by Arcanists, Scholars, and Summoners.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit

Calls forth ill humors to damage and poison target.

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Miasma is an attack utilized by Vampires and Zombies that causes Poison and area damage.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

Miasma is an enemy ability used by the Zombie family. It is an area attack that damages close units and inflicts Poison to them.

Gallery Edit

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Etymology Edit

Early medical theories predating the discovery of microorganisms often associating foul air, called miasma, from crowded conditions or rotten objects as a cause of disease.