The Meteor Parasite is the source of Miasma and one of the final bosses in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It waits for the caravanners at the end of the arduous maze of Mount Vellenge.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

The Meteor Parasite has a myriad of attacks to disable the player, and most of them are quickly cast or hard to avoid. Like many tier three bosses, he has the standard Curse spell, which halves all of the player's stats. Thanks to those support mobs, physical attacks are almost out of the question, as he has a quick swipe attack and a slam attack which can cause severe damage. He also can Poison the player, which will cause even more stress and prolong the battle.

Support Monsters Edit

The Parasite has two large tentacles guarding it at all three stages, and each of the plants has an immunity to at least one magic. These plants can be debilitating to the player, so the best way to defeat them is to find the magic that effects them both, stand as far back as possible, and cast the highest level of that spell they can repeatedly. This will also damage the Parasite, so it may behoove the player to play a defensive front while executing this method.

Strategy Edit

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Etymology Edit

A meteor or "shooting star" is the visible streak of light from a meteoroid or micrometeoroid, heated and glowing from entering the Earth's atmosphere, as it sheds glowing material in its wake. Meteors rarely explode in the Earth's atmosphere. The term has become associated with quickness with the adjective "meteoric." In the context of myth and superstition, meteors and comets sighted in Ancient and Medieval Europe were once held as ill omen, said to be the message of the heavens' displeasure of man's affairs to herald grave catastrophes.

Pieces that withstand atmospheric ablation are known as meteorites, but the name of the spell in the series refers to the overall phenomenon.

Parasitism is a non-mutual symbiotic relationship between species, where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.