Meteor: Abominable Memory is the thirteenth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Unlimited Episode 13

Meteor: Abominable Memory



FFU Episode 13 - Get as Far Away as You Can

Lisa bids the children farewell.

Fungus attempts to recruit Kaze, and Ai and Lisa wish to flee. Yu feels they need to see the end of the fight.

Lisa tells the other two to find a safe place, before leaping off Chobi's back, and into the midst of the fray. Using her Kigen to create cover from the spores of the fungus around her, she searches for Kaze. Despite Chobi dodging a barrage of surface-to-air toadstools, he and the children are captured by Fungus.

With the children now unconscious, Kaze notices his Magun does not respond. He draws his sidearm and opens fire, despite Lisa begging him not to for fear of hitting the children in the crossfire. The bullets rebound from Fungus's helmet harmlessly. Fungus claims that as long as he is in his homeland, he cannot be defeated, and sends a mushroom to drag both Lisa and Kaze below ground.

The callEdit

FFU Episode 13 - Alone, Yet Together, In a Strange World

Lisa pleading with Kaze

In the Earl's throne room, the Earl, Herba, Pist, Oscar and Makenshi watch the events unfold via a television-like device. Upon seeing Kaze defeated Makenshi leaves, claiming to be searching for Omega.

In the world of Fungus, Lisa and Kaze are held underground in a cavern with so many spores in the air Lisa is finding it difficult to breath. Lisa begs Kaze to help her save the children, but Kaze recalls a memory; drifting away from a young woman as she begins to shine with a brilliant light.

Lisa's strength is beginning to fail when finally Kaze responds, saying the battlefield is calling him. Mist envelopes the cavern.

Immortal reunionEdit

FFU Episode 13 - White Heat

Makenshi holding one of his bottles

Kaze draws his gun as a sword is rested against his neck. Makenshi stands behind him, and tells him that he should have remained sleeping. Makenshi observes Kaze's inability to fire the Magun at will, blaming a past battle. Kaze opens fire, but Makenshi deflects the shots.

Makenshi tells both Kaze and Lisa that the spores in the cavern will kill them unless they leave. Makenshi draws a bottle from his belt that he uses to summon his dragons, and tosses it into the air. Before Makenshi can slice it open and summon the creature, Kaze fires on the bottle, shattering it.

FFU Episode 13 - Fungus Dreams of Restoration

Fungus's monologue

Aboard Fungus's airship, he announces that the children will be executed before the Earl because they disrupt the chaotic order of the worlds. The ground explodes in a burst of white light.

The Death of the RebornEdit

FFU Episode 13 - Infected By Mold

The mold takes its effect.

Makenshi boards the airship, and reveals to Fungus that Kaze still lives. Fungus grows to his colossal size, binding the children to the hilt of his club. As Fungus taunts Kaze to reveal himself, Crux appears overhead, sprinkling a black powder of the fungus.

Kaze and Lisa ascend from the hole, and are spotted by Fungus. As Fungus attempts to crush the children, the fungus around him crumbles due to the black powder. They realize the powder is mold. Watching the world crumble, Kaze recalls the same thing occurred to his world.

FFU Episode 13 - Meteor Fall

The world set ablaze by one man.

As the mold destroys the club and the children fall away, Chobi springs into action, flying them and Lisa to safety. Finally the Magun responds, and Kaze primes and loads it. Summoning a being named Meteor Master, Kaze sets the world ablaze.

Fungus uses his last words to thank Kaze for being his last opponent, suggesting he will not rise again.


After seeing Fungus die, the other Lords of Guadium seem indifferent and insult him. Sitting atop a hill nearby, Ai, Chobi, Lisa and Yu watch the flames burn the last of the world into ash.


A single combination of soil is seen in this episode:

The roar of the sky being destroyed/The roar of the sky engulfed in flames - Horizon Gold

A horrible rain of anger/The daggers of an angry rain - Aero Black/Arrow Black

The light that drives a wedge in eternity/The light that drives a wedge into eternity - Auto Silver/Photon Silver

This combination summons the Meteor Master, a being capable of destroying entire worlds with a barrage of meteors.