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The main menu.

The following entails the contents of the main menu in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.



FFTA Equip Menu

The Equip option.


FFTA Skill Menu

The Skill option.

In the skill menu, the party member chosen can choose the skills they wish to use in battle. One Action skillset, Reaction ability, Support ability, and Combo can be selected.

Change JobEdit

FFTA Job Menu

The Job option.

Selecting this option allows the party member to switch job classes, and therefore primary Action skillset and stat increases on level up. Only jobs that have already been unlocked by at least one member of the party are shown.

Leave ClanEdit


FFTA Clan Menu

The Clan menu.

Mission ListEdit

FFTA Mission List Menu

The Mission List menu.


Clan TurfEdit

FFTA Clan Turf

The Clan Turf menu.

Mission ItemEdit

FFTA Mission Item Menu

The Mission Item menu.

Law CardsEdit

FFTA Law Cards Menu

The Law Cards menu.

Support ClanEdit


FFTA Link Option

The Link option.

Area ListEdit

FFTA Area List

The Area List option.


FFTA System Menu

The System menu.


FFTA Save Menu

The Save menu.


FFTA Load Menu

The Load menu.


FFTA Options Menu

The Options menu.