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The main menu of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

The following entails the contents of the main menu in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.



Holds stock of items and since HP doesn't restore to full health (unless playing on Easy Mode), the player can manually restore health. Can hold up to 10 Items in stock. Replaying the game will give two more item slots.

EP AbilitiesEdit

Where EP abilities are kept and are able to be used outside of battle.

Customize SchemataEdit

Customize Schema by changing weapons, shields, abilities, accessories, adornments, change the garb or its color.


List of available quests, separated by location and type. Includes Main Quests, Canvas of Prayers Quests, and Side Quests. It shows the current status of the quest.


Lists all categories of items currently in Lightning's possession.


Displays the map of the current location.


View entries on various aspects of the game's world as well as information regarding enemies.

Rewards Barter ShopEdit

Acquire items obtained either through achievement/trophy collection or bought through PlayStation Store or Xbox Games Store.


Change various settings pertaining to gameplay aspects, including font magnification, subtitles display, and connection with the social services of Facebook and/or Twitter.

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