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FFX Main Menu PS3

Main menu in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.

The following entails the contents of the main menu in Final Fantasy X.

Sphere GridEdit

FFX Sphere Grid Menu PS3

Tidus's Sphere Grid menu (PS3).

In the Sphere Grid menu the player can advance character attributes and learn abilities through the Sphere Grid system.

Available once the player reaches Salvage Ship and talks with Rikku.


FFX Items Menu PS3

The Items menu (PS3).

In the Item the player can view the items they possess. Usable items can be used from the menu.


FFX Abilities Menu PS3

Yuna's Abilities menu (PS3).

In the Abilities menu the player can view the character abilities they learned. Healing abilities can be used from this menu.

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FFX Overdrive menu

Auron's Overdrive menu (PS3).

In the Overdrive menu the player can view character overdrives they learned.


FFX Equip Menu PS3

Yuna's Equip menu (PS3).

In the Equip menu the player can change character weapons and armor. All party members are required to be equipped with a weapon, while the "Armor" slot is optional to be filled. All pieces of equipment are exclusive to one party member, and contain from one to four slots for Auto-Abilities.

Available after Lulu and Yuna join the party in Besaid.


FFX Status Menu PS3

Auron's Status menu (PS3).

The Status menu allows players to check the status of the main characters, like the equipped weapons and armor as well as attributes, sphere level, etc.

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FFX Aeons Menu PS3

Valefor's Aeons menu (PS3).

The Aeon menu shows the status of the aeons. Players can also teach them new abilities after obtaining the Summoner's Soul item or raise their attributes after obtaining the Aeon Soul item.

Available after Lulu and Yuna join the party in Besaid.


FFX Formation Menu PS3

The Formation menu (PS3).

This menu allows the player to change the formation of the characters and choose which characters will participate in battle.

Available after tutorial battle against the first Garuda in Besaid. If the player leaves this screen without defeating the second Garuda and returns, then this option will be permanently visible after completing all tutorials in Besaid.


FFX Customize Menu PS3

The Customize menu (PS3).

The player can use different items to customize abilities to either their weapons or armor that may change it into another. For instance, Lulu's Cait Sith weapon, when a specific item is used to enhance it, could become her Quiet Cait Sith weapon which inflicts silence.

Available once the player reaches Guadosalam.


FFX Config Menu PS3

The Config menu.

This menu allows the player to adjust certain aspects of the game to their liking. Such as adding subtitles, watching the full summon sequence or the short sequence, etc.

About the cursor option, in the default option the cursor will always appear it at the start of any menus and submenus when selecting an entry in battle; while the memory option will remain at the last heading the player picked when in battle.

Furthermore, when setting "Aeons" to "Short", each aeon's full summon and Overdrive animations will be only shown once.


FFX Help Menu PS3

The Help menu (PS3).