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The main menu.

The following entails the contents of the main menu in Final Fantasy IX.

The clock in the main menu changes color every 100 hours of gameplay, but continues counting up to 599:59:59.


FFIX Item Menu 1

The Item menu.

Normally the upper limit of a single item a player can hold is 99, but by equipping the item onto party members the player can hold more.


FFIX Ability Menu 1

The main ability menu.

In this menu the player can assign the party members' support abilities.


FFIX Equip Menu

The Equip menu.


FFIX Status Screen 1

The main status menu.


Lets the player determine the order of their party and which characters are in the front and back row.


FFIX Card Menu

The Card menu.


FFIX Config

The Config menu.

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