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FFD - Memorist

The Memorist is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions, obtained by the Warriors of Light in chapter 3.

Appearance Edit

The Warriors of Light are given a semi-futuristic design motif, dressed in signature-color frockcoats with shoulder pads and black pants with black boots, with what appears to be an intended pair of white hi-tech visor covering their eyes. In the Japanese mobile phone version, Sarah wears her hair tied up in a large bun as a Memorist, but in the iOS enhanced port, wears it in her standard style.

Abilities Edit

  • Innate: Memorandom, Recollect
  • Equipment: All except Holy Swords and Dark Swords

By selecting Memorandom in battle, the command bar is randomized among all commands the character has learned. There is a known glitch in how White Magic, Black Magic and Summon Magic can be completely unlocked without mastering their respective jobs. By simply having the Lv 1 version of the command, it will allow the use of all available magic levels in battle.

Recollect is a passive ability which allows bonus points to be allocated to various stats, it becomes more powerful through the use of memories.

Unlike other jobs, the Memorist doesn't have any ability slots. Recollect overrides the 1% per job level stat boost, however it still applies to HP and MP.

Ability Name Job Level AP Needed Slots Description
---- 1 35
---- 2 55
---- 3 75
---- 4 95
---- 5 115
---- 6 135
---- 7 155
---- 8 175
---- 9 205
Memorandom 10 235 3 Grants the ability to use a randomly chosen equipped ability.
---- 11 265
---- 12 295
---- 13 325
---- 14 355
---- 15 395
---- 16 435
---- 17 475
---- 18 525
---- 19 575
Recollect 20 625 3 Determines all non-HP/MP stats based on collected memories.

Memories Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Memories are glittering blue sparkles spread throughout the World of Light (all areas from Chapter 2 forward) and World of Dusk. They are located anywhere a cutscene occurs and only become visible when someone in the party is a Memorist. When the job is first obtained, it is possible to backtrack to previous chapters' locations by using rifts, which typically appear in the first and last inhabited areas of each chapter.

Once a memory is acquired, it appears in the party's inventory and can be used to increase a statistic by the amount indicated (Small = 3; Lovely = 5; Valuable = 10). Stat increases can be reset and rearranged by talking to Argy at a later point in the game.

Memory locations Edit

Memories come in three types: Small (3 point stat boost), Lovely (5 point stat boost), Valuable (10 point stat boost).

Location Details Memory Type Image
Fabrica Southeast flower Small Memory FFD Memory Fabrica 1
Fabrica Doll inside west house Small Memory FFD Memory Fabrica 2
Fabrica Inside the Inn Small Memory FFD Memory Fabrica 3
Fabrica Cave / Fabrica Shipyard Bottom Level Valuable Memory FFD Memory Fabrica Cave
Pirate Hideout Captain Bikke's room Valuable Memory FFD Memory Pirate Hideout
Dragonweed Gardens Where Dragonweed was found Small Memory FFD Memory Dragonweed Gardens
Deist Near Abel's Tomb Small Memory FFD Memory Deist
Highwind Tower Top Floor (Roof) Lovely Memory FFD Memory Highwid Tower
Dragon Valley Near Highwind/Dragon Roost exit Small Memory FFD Memory Dragon Valley
Rusalka Sewer Where you meet Eduardo Small Memory FFD Memory Rusalka Sewers
Forest of the Fey Where the family has set up camp Small Memory FFD Memory Forest of the Fey
Anima Grove Near entrance Small Memory FFD Memory Anima Grove 1
Anima Grove Boss encounter room Lovely Memory FFD Memory Anima Grove 2
Ashmonte Where you find Argy Lovely Memory FFD Memory Ashmonte 1
Ashmonte Where a wolf appears Small Memory FFD Memory Ashmonte 2
Berth In the Pub Small Memory FFD Memory Berth 1
Mt. Wells Summit, near Hut Small Memory FFD Memory Mt Wells Summit
Mt. Wells Boss battle bridge Small Memory FFD Memory Mt Wells Bridge
Berth In the Inn Small Memory FFD Memory Berth 2
Mt. Burtgang Near HP/MP Pot Lovely Memory FFD Memory Mt Burtgang
Castle Burtgang Main Hall Lovely Memory FFD Memory Castle Burtgang
Divine Forest Near entrance Small Memory FFD Memory Divine Forest
Mysidia Airship - Middle of the top deck Valuable Memory
Mysidia Great Elder Room 1 - Lower Left Lovely Memory
Mysidia Great Elder Room 2 - Lower Right Valuable Memory
Mysidia Airship - Argy's Room Lovely Memory
Mysidia Cavern Crystal Room Valuable Memory
Mysidia In front of Great Elder's house Valuable Memory
Lufenia Between Inn and Armor Shop Valuable Memory
Crystal Temple Near Entrance Valuable Memory
Lux Northwest of town Small Memory
Lux Outside Aigis's house Small Memory
Lux Entrance (Enter Lux twice) Lovely Memory
Liene Northwest of town Lovely Memory
Castle Liene Between three trees Small Memory
Harmonia To the west Small Memory
Harmonia Northwest Small Memory
Harmonia Northeast Lovely Memory
Castle Lux Hidden passage before Throne Room Small Memory
Castle Lux Save point with optional event Small Memory
Alfheim Save point with optional event Small Memory
Castle Falgabard Save point with optional event Small Memory
Castle Burtgang Save point with optional event Small Memory
The Void: Dark Gate South of "Dark Flow" portal Valuable Memory
World of Nil: Forest Save point with optional event Valuable Memory
World of Nil: Castle Save point with optional event Valuable Memory
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Gallery Edit

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