Meia is a player character in Mobius Final Fantasy. She is a witch who possesses the ability to summon otherworldly creatures. Meia is the main source of enemies for multiplayer mode.



Meia is a young woman with long, black hair who wears a white bustier covered by a revealing and stylized blue cloak. Her left arm is fashioned with armor and a pauldron while her right arm is distinguished by a pinwheel bracelet. She wears greaves.

During her appearance in the Battle Tower, she is cloaked in a blue robe that conceals her appearance.


As an adversary, Meia is cold and calculating in her approach to dealing with Wol, ever in search of means to torture him. She prefers the element of surprise to direct confrontation, letting her conjuring do the dirty work before Wol has a chance to react. Wol sees this as cowardice on her part, though nothing could be further from the truth.

She begins as a player with her masterwork turned against her in Chapter VI, an unknown consciousness controlling them and mocking her as she presses through her quest. Though still Wol's rival, she is motivated by the loss of a man who sought to fight Chaos and perished.

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In Chapter VI Part 2, it is revealed that Meia and a previous Warrior of Light candidate had fallen in love. Aware that this went against the prophecy, however, she tried to distance herself from the warrior but he was adamant about this, and convinces Sarah to acknowledge his love for Meia, thus breaking the prophecy.

This raises Vox's ire, leading to him implanting suspicions of heresy against them in other Blanks, leading to them being hunted down. Eventually getting cornered at the same bridge Chaos was killed at in the past, the two are murdered before falling into the sea, but end up floating into the stream. Meia says she would have been content to simply float away forever together, but something brought her back from death, causing to wake up on the same shores as the blanks, having become a new Meia who was now branded a heretic—the Azure Witch.

Due to her status as heretic like Garland, Vox orders the blanks to slay Meia. Vox deduces her heretic status by associating her sea breeze scent with being a minion of Chaos, as the sea is Chaos's domain. However, she also possesses the ability to see Echoes, a feat only available to outsiders like Wol who do not hail from Palamecia.


Meia meets Wol as he ascends the Battle Tower to find Voyd's murderer. While under attack from Omega, the blank confronts the blue witch about her role in Voyd's death, with Meia admitting that she had no choice but to eliminate him as an act of self-defense. Citing Voyd as representative of Palamecian rule, she considered him a threat to her plans. Meia then summons monsters to hinder Wol but fails in that he defeats all of her creatures. Following his dispatch of her monsters, Wol chooses not to slay Meia.

After her defeat, Meia grows stronger thanks to Wol's efforts. She decides to place a curse on him so that he may never forget her, during which she tells him of her name. Following this encounter, Meia decides to work with Echo to summon beasts and creatures for Wol to conquer.

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