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Medication is a skillset in Bravely Default used and learnt by the Salve-Maker job. Like the job, Medication focuses on the use of items for a mix of offensive and defensive abilities.

List of AbilitiesEdit

Ability Job Level Cost Description
Compounding 1 Combine two items to obtain a special effect.
First Aid 2 Restore HP to the ally with the lowest HP at the end of the turn. Note that this ability can even be used in the Silence state.
Experiment 3 Transform a consumable item into an attack item.
Inoculate 5 Use a consumable item that cures a status ailment on one target to confer immunity to that status ailment for six turns. Note that this ability can even be used in the Silence state.
Widen Area 8 1 BP Use an item and apply its effects to all targets.
Turn Toxic 10 Inflict Poison and deal damage to one target equal to the recovery amount of a recovery item.
Collect 12 Get an item during a battle. Note that the items you will get differ by location.
Resurrect 13 Resurrect all K.O. allies and restore 25% of their maximum HP. Note that this ability can even be used in the silence state.

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