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FFXI Medicated status

Medicated (服薬中, Fukuyakuchū?, lit. While Taking Medicine) is a status effect in Final Fantasy XI that is inflicted by using certain recovery and status boosting items. While in effect, the player cannot use any item that would inflict the Medicated status. The status can only be removed by waiting for its time to expire; this time depends on the particular item that inflicted it and can range from five minutes to two hours. Thus, the status acts as a cooldown timer for the use of certain items.

Note that the actual item effect is independent of Medicated status, never lasts nearly as long, and can be removed normally; Medicated is not in any sense a benefit. Also note that if the player is logged out, the Medicated status duration timer is paused, exactly like any other status.

Item Duration
Agility Potion 15 minutes
Charisma Potion 15 minutes
Dexterity Potion 15 minutes
Ether Drop 5 minutes
Hi-Ether Drop 5 minutes
Hi-Potion Drop 5 minutes
Intelligence Potion 15 minutes
Icarus Wing 2 hours
Mind Potion 15 minutes
Potion Drop 5 minutes
Strength Potion 15 minutes
Vitality Potion 15 minutes

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