Medic (ヒーラー, Hīrā?, lit. Healer) is a role in the Final Fantasy series and is associated with Command Synergy Battle system and based on the White Mage job class. Its main use is to restore HP and remove status ailments.


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Medic is a role which mainly maintains party's performance by healing HP, recovering knocked out characters, and removing negative status effects. Hope Estheim and Oerba Dia Vanille specializes in Medic with Vanille learning spells at quicker rate than Hope, yet the latter is more effective when it comes to healing HP due to his Magic being naturally higher than Vanille's.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit


Medic reappears in the sequel. It is an unlockable role for Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss, who specializes in it, yet Serah has higher Magic allowing her to heal better despite lacking Cura and Curaja.

Two new command abilities are available to Medics, but only for the recruitable monsters, Cheer and Esunada.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit


Lightning utilizes Medic role in her battle style. The spells do not restore HP like in Final Fantasy XIII but Brave.


A medic is an umbrella term for a person involved in medicine. The following fall under this term: a physician, paramedic, medical student, and sometimes a medically-trained individual participating in the role of a medic such as an emergency medical responder.

Other languagesEdit

Language Name Abbreviation English translation
Spanish Sanador Healer
Italian Terapeuta TER Therapist
French Soigneur Healer
German Heiler HLR Healer
Chinese 回復者