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FFTA Mateus

Mateus artwork.

The totema of the humans...

Mateus (背徳の皇帝マティウス, Haitoku no Koutei Matiusu?, lit. The Corrupt Emperor Mateus) is the Totema of the Humes in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and is the fifth and final Totema fought by Marche Radiuju. After being defeated, Mateus can be summoned by any Hume member of Clan Nutsy. Two Dephs of Mateus also appear during the fight with Remedi in her Li-Grim form.


Mateus FFTA

Mateus being summoned in battle.

Mateus is accompanied by four Vampires, two on each side. The shrine in which the battle takes place is quite small, consisting of two flat areas that the opposite teams start out on, with a small 3-panel wide bridge connecting them over a wide abyss. Units can also sneak around the sides of the gap, though the Vampires can simply teleport over it.

To combat Mateus and her undead cronies, you may wish to bring in a White Mage with Full-Life, a Summoner with Phoenix, and any Hunter. Full-Life will instantly kill a Vampire, however, Phoenix is a better choice because of its wide area of effect and 100% accuracy. If your Summoner has not learned Phoenix from the Nirvana Staff, Madeen, Curaga and Unicorn are also good options. You should place a melee unit with a move range of 4 or higher (perhaps a Ninja) in the front row within reach of Mateus. On that unit's first turn, it can score a hit on the Totema while your mages blast the Vampires with Holy spells. Mateus should only get off one spell, most likely Thundaga or Star Cross, before the absence of minions makes her an easy target for a KO.


Move Rate Jump Rate Evade Rate
3 2 30

Growth ChartEdit

As a boss character, Mateus's stat growth is considerably higher than normal playable job classes. She has the highest HP, MP, Attack, and Magic Resistance of all Totema, and her remaining stats are all very impressive in their own right with the exception of Speed, which is only passable.

HP MP Attack Defense Magic Power Magic Resistance Speed
14.6 S+ 7.2 S+ 11.4 S+ 10.4 S+ 9.6 A+ 11.4 S+ 1.0 D



Totema command. Drive off all intruders.

Skill Effect
Breath of God Envelops surrounding units and deals damage.
Spellbind Dark arm that attacks soul, damages, Slows, and delays next turn of one target.


Totema command. Use all the world's magic.

Skill Effect
Star Cross Uses the power of the stars to deal Holy damage to all enemies.
Thundaga Most powerful Lightning spell. Shoots many bolts in a cross-shaped area.



  • As Mateus is the totema of the Hume race, she possesses two abilities usable by Humes: the Illusionist ability Star Cross, and the Black Mage spell Thundaga.
  • Despite being a female totema, Mateus is actually a male name.

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