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Engaging Lost Monsters in Materiwood.

Lush green forest famous for its materite ore.

The Materiwood (マテリアの森, Materia no mori?) is a forest location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It can be placed after "Mission #018: Quiet Sands" is completed, and is the site of "Mission #019: Materite Now!". In this mission, Marche heads to the Materiwood to gather some Materite for use as a gift during Bervenia Palace's Present Day.

However, his brother Doned has informed a group of Viera bandits that Marche would be there, and they ambush Marche and his clan. After the Viera are defeated, Doned steals Marche's materite and shatters it, because he does not want the world to revert back to its previous state. The Materiwood is also the site of "Mission #054: For a Song", "Mission #089: Moogle Bride", and "Mission #107: Old Friends". It can be freed after "Mission #018: Quiet Sands" is completed in "Mission #255: Bugbusters".

Encounter Edit

Lost Monsters Edit

Monsters usually found in the woods. Ornery. Use caution.

Turf Defense Edit

Help M' wood! Edit

Gallery Edit

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