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FFTA2 Pummel

Pummel, a Martial Arts ability.

Martial Arts (拳技, Kengi?, lit. Fist Skills) is a skillset in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It is learned and used by the Master Monk.

List of AbilitiesEdit

Skill Source Equipment Effect Range AP To Master
Pummel Eight-Fluted Pole Hit opponent twice. 1 300
Dark Fist Battle Bamboo Consumes HP to perform a piercing attack. 2 sq. line in front of user 300
Withering Strike Gokuu Pole Does damage equal to max HP minus current HP, accuracy is half of normal hit rate. 4 400
Lifebane Esztam Baton Damage and may inflict Doom. 1 400
Holy Strike Sanjiegun Holy-elemental damage. 1 350
Cross-counter Fanatic Attacks unit with great power. Ignores Counter ability. 1 350
Inner Focus Tonfa Recover HP and removes negative status. Self 300
Rend Armor Cypress Pole Destroys armor. 1 350


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