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Marriage of Convenience, Into the Bevelle Palace was a single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details about Final Fantasy X follow. (Skip section)

After the Guado attack on the Al Bhed Home, the party again finds Yuna missing. Summoners captured by the Al Bhed on their mission of mercy report that she may have gone to Bevelle to continue her pilgrimage. Yuna's six guardians, with assistance from Al Bhed frontman Cid and his airship Fahrenheit, move in to rescue her, but must battle their way past the wyrm sentry Evrae and Yevon's elite guard to stop Yuna's forced wedding to an unsent Seymour Guado. Yuna, in her turn, uses the commotion to escape to the temple on Valefor and acquires Bahamut, though guards again seize the party at the entrance. Believing their dissension to be an outright act of treason, the party is tried by the Yevon order's highest court, and sentenced to die in the Via Purifico.

Separated by both dungeon and waterway, the party must escape to stop an even more diabolical scheme from Seymour himself.

Spoilers end here.
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