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Marolith is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI. These strange animated rock monsters are a not uncommon menace to explorers probing the secrets of the Meeble Burrows, but have not yet been sighted elsewhere. Somewhat like Iron Giants, they have the unusual habit of lying dormant in a distributed state, appearing as mere scattered piles of rock. However, when adventurers draw near, they reassemble themselves and attack.

Regular MonstersEdit

  • Hulking Marolith
  • Shambling Marolith
  • Stoic Marolith

Notorious MonstersEdit

  • Daimoxinos
  • Elkopsikor
  • Silagilith

Special AttacksEdit

  • Enervating Grasp: Area of effect damage plus Bind, Defense Down, and Paralysis status.
  • Metamorphic Blast: Frontal area of effect damage plus Rasp status.
  • Orogenic Storm: Area of effect damage plus Blind, Evasion Down, Silence, and Slow.
  • Subduction: Area of effect damage plus Weight.
  • Tectonic Shift: Area of effect damage, Draw-In, Encumbrance status, and Enmity reset. NMs only. Some NMs also gain Enlight when this ability is used.

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