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The Marine is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. It can be a nuisance, as it can use Smoke Bullet, which inflicts always Sleep and Darkness status on one character. It can use a maximum of four Grenades each. Otherwise it is not too dangerous, as the party can use their Level 2 spells or simply use L4 Suicide to reduce their HP to single digits. The rare and powerful armor Shinra Beta can be stolen from it.


# Formation
485 Marine A, Marine B
486 Row 1: Marine A
Row 2: Marine B, Marine C


Cargo Ship (after regrouping)
Cargo Room 485, 486
Engine Room 485, 486

AI scriptEdit

AI: Setup {

TempVar:GrenadeAmmo = 4

} AI: Main {

If (Count == 0) Then
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Smoke Bullet> on Target
Count = 1
} Else If (Count == 1 or 2 or 3) Then {
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Machine Gun> on Target
Count = Count + 1
} Else {
If (Stage == 1) Then
If (TempVar:GrenadeAmmo > 0) Then
Choose All Opponents
Use Grenade on Target
TempVar:GrenadeAmmo = TempVar:GrenadeAmmo - 1
Count = 3
} Else {
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Machine Gun> on Target
Count = 1
} Else {
Count = 0

} AI: Counter - General {

If (Marine's HP <= 2/3rds of Marine's Max HP) Then
Stage = 1
} Else {
Stage = 0


Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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