Malmalam Thicket is a forested dungeon in Final Fantasy XV situated in the Cleigne region. There is a campground inside the dungeon, and a royal tomb at the end. After the party agrees to take Iris Amicitia to Caem in Chapter 6, the party suggests visiting the area that leads to the thicket when they drive past. Iris joins the player as a guest at this point, and can thus accompany the party to Malmalam Thicket as well. There is a Bandersnatch at the end of the dungeon. Doing the quest for the dungeon yields 3,000 EXP and the Scepter of the Pious.


Clearing the dungeonEdit

The player will run into Mandrakes in a forested corridor. Flame Tongue is a good weapon to use against them. Further in the party encounters Soldier Wasps that use swooping stinging attacks and gas that confuses party members. The player can use Remedies or Smelling Salts or equip a Rainbow Pendant. Ice, spears and daggers work well against them. There are Malmashrooms nearby as well as a Prismatic Shard. Further ahead there are three more Wasps and another Prismatic Shard.

There is a campground in the thicket amid a stream. Resting here respawns the enemies, but lets the player heal and buff. From this area the north leads to the end of the dungeon, and south leads to a dead end. Near where the player entered the area there is an Oracle Ascension Coin.

Heading upstream finds a Gigantoad, Soldier Wasp, two Mandrakes and two Shieldshears. It is a good idea to fell the wasp first. The far side behind the lightning deposit has a Star Pendant. Above the sloping stream the player climbed up finds a platform to the side holding Delta Daggers. Up the waterfall slope finds a Moon Pendant on the left. The player can head up the ridge on the right to get to the end of the dungeon that has a level 38 Bandersnatch.

The Bandersnatch is weak to spears and lightning, making Storm Lance a good weapon for the battle. Attacking the tail or legs can stun it before assaulting the face with the Armiger. When it spins it whips its tail about before charging, and will often follow up with a powerful side bash. The player can warp high up to a tree.

There is a Royal Tomb at the end of the dungeon that holds the Scepter of the Pious. Collecting it yields 3,000 EXP.



Enemies fought here are between levels 28 to 38.

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  • If the player completes Malmalam Thicket before driving past it with Iris in Chapter 6, the party will still want to steer from the main road to check the place out, even if they have already been there.