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Malldancer is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. They are fought in Corel Valley and in the fourth round of the Battle Square after the player has acquired the Highwind and Cloud Strife has rejoined the party. When fought on the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the normal HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.

Their only attacks are a physical attack and an attack that always inflicts two status ailments like Slow and Darkness at same time. Even if blinded, the party can use magic to easily dispatch the Malldancer. Beta is particularly effective.


# Formation
656 Row 1: Boundfat
Row 2: Malldancer A, Malldancer B, Malldancer C
657 Row 1: Malldancer A, Malldancer B
Row 2: Malldancer C, Malldancer D
658 Row 1: Malldancer A, Malldancer B
Row 2: Boundfat A, Boundfat B, Boundfat C


Corel Valley
Forest Exit 656, 657, 658
Battle Square (with Highwind available)
Group A - Battle 4 656

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main {

If ((TempVar:OpeningAttack == 0)
& (At Least One Opponent doesn't have Darkness Status)) Then
Choose All Opponents without Darkness Status
Use Dance on Target
TempVar:OpeningAttack = 1
} Else {
If (At Least One Opponent has Darkness Status) Then
Choose Random Opponent with Darkness Status
} Else {
Choose Random Opponent
Use <Claw> on Target



Related enemiesEdit

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