We meet again... I am one of the Chaos guardians. Kneel before my power!

Maliris is a boss from Final Fantasy IX. The party fights her in Memoria.

Maliris was created by Kuja from the crystal's memory of the Fire Guardian in the Fire Shrine who challenged Freya and Amarant. The Fire Guardian is not fought as a boss, but Freya and Amarant fight her off-screen to place the mirror.

Maliris appears in Memoria on the bridge leading to the memory of Alexandria being destroyed.




Battle Edit

Maliris frequently uses Fire magic, especially with her sword attacks. She casts Mustard Bomb, which inflicts the Heat status. She casts Reflect on herself and will reflect Fire spells off herself to hit the party. When defeated, Maliris attacks with Raining Swords that will do about 4000 HP to all characters. She will not perform this if asleep and killed by a magic ability.

Strategy Edit

Ice and Water magic are useful, as are eidolons, such as Shiva and Leviathan.

If the party has Auto-Reflect, the player doesn't need to Dispel Maliris's Reflect status, merely reflect Blizzaga or Water off a character, or the whole party for a stronger effect. Zidane should steal all the items Maliris has, as they are hard to find elsewhere.

Most of the party should have their HP almost fully healed by the end of the battle to survive Maliris's Raining Swords, although it is recommended at least one of the player characters has Auto-Life. If Freya is in the party, she can avoid Raining Swords by jumping at the appropriate time.

Crystal World incarnation Edit

The translucent form of Maliris is considerably weaker, as she does not perform Raining Swords upon her defeat and has a substantially less HP. A constant barrage of Ice-elemental magic and physical attacks charged with the Devil Killer ability should be enough to bring this snake down quickly. Crystal Maliris doesn't give EXP.

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Etymology Edit

A marilith is fictional creature in many official Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. A marilith is depicted as a powerful, six-armed female demon with the lower body of a snake. Mariliths in Dungeons & Dragons are based on Hindu mythology, where gods and demons frequently have multiple heads and arms.

Trivia Edit

  • Maliris alludes to Marilith boss from the original Final Fantasy, one of the Four Fiends the guardians of Terra of Final Fantasy IX are based on.
  • Maliris is the only enemy in the game where the player can acquire (steal) one of the two pairs of Genji Armor. The other pair can be found with Choco by digging the Outer Island chocograph treasure.
  • Data hacking shows that there are many gaps in the numerical sequence of battle formations and monster IDs, showing that many battle formations and monsters were deleted prior to the final version. In addition to many more, three missing monster IDs appear around the "Earth Guardian", making one suspect that in the original version the player was to fight all four of the guardians instead of only one (in the final game, the other three are defeated via cut-scenes, including "Fire Guardian"/Maliris). Design artwork for these other three guardians is known, as well as deleted locations, which would probably have been where they were fought.

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