Makenshi: The White Etude is the fourth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Unlimited Episode 4

Makenshi: The White Etude

Story DetailEdit


The episode begins right where the previous episode left off, with Ai, Yu, Lisa, and Chobi arriving at the station just as the Interdimensional Train leaves, stranding the group. Yu begins to despair, saying that Chobi can not predict when the next train will arrive, apart from "a long time from now".

FFU Episode 4 - Comodeen

The Commodeen.


As the group begins to surrender to despair, one of the tiles on the station's endless stairs begins to move. It is lifted up, and the thief from the previous episode peers out. Ai is quick to capture him, and begin questioning the thief.

He appears to be strangely ignorant of many things, claiming he ate Ai's bag and contents, despite the inedible qualities of many items within. After a brief questioning, he reveals his name to be Fungo and of some other people.

He agrees to take the group to them, and backtracks to their hideout. There they find many people training, and meet their leader Knave.


FFU Episode 4 - Makenshi and Crux

Makenshi arrives at the Comodeen's base.

The scene cuts to see Makenshi receiving directions from Crux, and being the first to thank her for her efforts.

Knave offers to give Lisa a tour of the base, explaining that many of their members are survivors of Chaos, and its attacks on various worlds. There organization was created to discover the truth behind Chaos and someone known as The Earl. The others are treated to clean clothes, and a chance to look around the base. Around this time they spot Kaze, having his handgun examined by a man named Cid.

The scene cuts again to see Earl Tyrant speaking to his subjects, and displaying a strong distaste for the Comodeen, and that Fungus survived his match with Kaze, but is now tiny.

The WindsEdit

FFU Episode 4 - Kaze Defeated

Kaze is defeated by Makenshi's Sword Dragon.

Back in the underground base, Cid returns Kaze's handgun, and notices Kaze's Magun, which he refuses to allow Cid to examine, simply saying that it is his heart. He than begins to wordlessly depart, despite the others' questioning.

Cid, notices Chobi's pendant and claims that he was the one who built it, noting that it has been heavily modified. He then expresses his want to ride the Interdimensional Train.

Cutting to the Fruit Village, it is revealed there is heavy mist with Makenshi standing in the midst of it. He uses a stick to shatter the residences, and creates an earthquake, which is felt by the Comodeen. Ai and Yu bid farewell to Lisa, and the men prepare for attack. The roof collapses, separating Ai, Yu, and Lisa.

As Lisa stands, she spots a dragon, similar to the one seen at the Black Tower during the first episode. Makenshi appears in the mist, and Kaze stands to face him. The Comodeen's attacks appear to be utterly useless, with all but Kaze sent flying, while Makenshi is still only wielding a stick.

Lisa is revealed to have found Ai and Yu, but both are unconscious. Kaze reveals that Makenshi is the one he is looking for, and opens fire upon the swordsman, to no effect. Makenshi draws his sword and the two engage in a destructive battle, destroying the base of the Comodeen.

Lisa cries out for Kaze to stop, but he refuses to, saying that his only purpose is to kill this man before him, no matter the casualties. When he tries to activate the Magun, the light fades, and remains frozen. Makenshi then summons another of his dragons, appearing to kill Kaze.


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