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I am Sandy! I'm Cindy! And Mindy! We're the Magus Sisters! Sorry, but your quest will be over here. Take our Delta Attack and farewell!!
—The Magus Sisters
Eldest sister Cindy, middle sister Sandy, and youngest sister Mindy: the Magus Sisters
Dissidia Final Fantasy Summon Compendium
Sandy: There you go! Cindy: Come on, Mindy! Mindy: Here it goes! All 3: DELTA ATTACK!
—The Magus Sisters

The Magus Sisters (メーガス三姉妹, Mēgasu San Shimai?, lit. The Three Magus/Megath Sisters) are recurring characters in the Final Fantasy series who always appear as a group of three. They are named Sandy (ドグ, Dogu?) the tallest and middle sister, Cindy (マグ, Magu?) the portly and oldest sister, and Mindy (ラグ, Ragu?) the smallest and youngest sister. They are commonly associated with the Delta Attack ability.


Magus Sisters tower of zot ios

The Magus Sisters stop the party's climb in Final Fantasy IV (DS).

Final Fantasy IVEdit

For the boss pages, see Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy.

The Magus Sisters first appear as a boss in Final Fantasy IV at the top of the Tower of Zot where they are minions to Barbariccia of the Air, one of Golbez's Archfiends. They attack using the Delta Attack, in which Sandy would cast Reflect on Cindy and Mindy who would use a level two elemental spell or Bio on Cindy reflecting it back on to Cecil's party. Cindy also had the power to revive her allies if they died.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

For the boss pages, see Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy.

The three sisters reappear from the preceding game as bosses, and are fought in the Subterrane. They fight in the exact same way as in the previous game, and can be dealt with in the same manner.

Final Fantasy XEdit


Artwork of the Magus Sisters.

For battle information see Cindy (Final Fantasy X), Sandy (Final Fantasy X) and Mindy (Final Fantasy X).
We need all your help
Yuna, Final Fantasy X

The Magus Sisters appear as an optional aeon found in Remiem Temple. They resemble their incarnations from Final Fantasy IV, but wear insectoid armor, with Sandy modeled after a praying mantis, Cindy a ladybug, and Mindy a wasp. To obtain them, the player must first obtain the Flower Sceptre and the Blossom Crown and use them to open the temple's back door, where the sisters rest, only after Yojimbo and Anima have been obtained. Obtaining the Magus Sisters in the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster version earns the Delta Attack! trophy.

Unlike most aeons, the Magus Sisters attack as three separate players. Their specific commands cannot be controlled; Yuna can only suggest actions for them to take by shouting commands such as "Fight!", "Help Each Other!", "Go, Go, Go!" etc, however the resulting effect under each heading is random. This is compensated by the Magus Sisters being extremely powerful and can break the 9,999 damage limit from the start.

The Magus Sisters' fighting strategy is similar to that of their Final Fantasy IV incarnation, in that Sandy always casts Reflect on Cindy when the "Do as you will!" command is selected for the first time. Mindy will then cast various Black Magic spells on Cindy which will rebound onto the enemy party whenever the player selects the "Do as you will!" command on Mindy's turn. Cindy is also able to assist with the party's healing and well-being as she did in Final Fantasy IV.

Magussisters fayth ff10

The Magus Sisters' fayth.

When Tidus's party revisit Magus Sisters' Chamber of the Fayth the second time, the Magus Sisters will appear before them. Here, in contrast to their aeon appearance, they are shown to be roughly the same height and body type. Interestingly enough, their fayth closely resembles how they look as aeons only with blonde hair.

Sandy's special attack is called Razzia, Cindy's is called Camisade, and Mindy's is called Passado, which does fifteen consecutive attacks to a same enemy. Their Overdrive is Delta Attack, and is only used when all three of their gauges fill up. In the game's PAL, International, and HD Remaster versions, Delta Attack hits six times to each enemies and the total damage is equal to the single hit in the original version.

Also in the PAL, International, and HD Remaster versions, once Yuna and her guardians escape Bevelle, the Dark Magus Sisters will be hanging around Mushroom Rock Road and won't hesitate to attack if they get too close.

The Magus Sisters' basic stats, and they don't have any default abilities. The player cannot make them learn any either.


Stat Base Value
HP 2190
MP 46
Strength 28
Defense 32
Magic 21
Magic Defense 28
Agility 10
Luck 17
Evasion 20
Accuracy 11


Stat Base Value
HP 1790
MP 35
Strength 42
Defense 26
Magic 24
Magic Defense 28
Agility 10
Luck 17
Evasion 17
Accuracy 13


Stat Base Value
HP 1237
MP 58
Strength 23
Defense 24
Magic 28
Magic Defense 28
Agility 12
Luck 17
Evasion 23
Accuracy 12

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

For battle information see Sandy (Final Fantasy X-2), Cindy (Final Fantasy X-2) and Mindy (Final Fantasy X-2).

The Magus Sisters reappear in Final Fantasy X-2 as the second aeon battle waiting to impede Yuna, Rikku and Paine's venture into the Farplane.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Shikaree Sisters

The Shikaree Sisters of Final Fantasy XI.

Main article: Shikaree Sisters

The Shikaree Sisters are largely a reference to, if not a direct appearance of, the Magus Sisters, as confirmed by Square Enix in Dissidia. Simply referred to as Shikaree X, Shikaree Y, and Shikaree Z, they wield the sisters' respective weapons (scythe, daggers, polearm) and have their own Final Fantasy XI version of a delta attack in the form of skill chaining.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

The Magus Sisters appear as Liliths in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. They are fought in "Mission #077: Free Baguba!" In this mission, they are known as Naga and each know only one of the three abilities the Lilith can use (Cindy only uses Poison Frog, Sandy only uses Twister, and Mindy only uses Kiss). When they are all defeated, Mindy will say she should have used her special attack, a reference to the Magus Sisters' Delta Attack.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit


The automatic version of the Magus Sisters.


The manual version of the Magus Sisters.

The Magus Sisters appear as a summon in Dissidia Final Fantasy. When summoned, they allow the summoner to decrease the opponent's Bravery points by half and reduce the enemy's base Bravery by half for a certain period of time.

Their auto version appears after the summoner's opponent deals a Bravery Break on the summoner, and shows their Final Fantasy X artwork, while their manual version shows their Final Fantasy IV artwork. The Magus Sisters' auto version can be obtained in the third stage of the Destiny Odyssey X storyline, and its manual version can be obtained in its second stage.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

The Magus Sisters returns as a summonstone, with the same function as in Dissidia. Their auto version is now found in Chapter Four: Guidance of the Moon of Scenario 013. The manual version can be purchased from certain Moogle Shops for 30 KP.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

The Magus Sisters from Final Fantasy X appear in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Magus Sisters FFIV

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

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Final Fantasy IXEdit

The statue in Alexandria bears a striking resemblance to the Magus Sisters, one figure being short, one being tall and slender, and the last being bulky. A plaque by the statue tells of three Knights of Pluto who fought bravely in the 15th Lindblum War in 1601.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

When wearing the Mythic Beast Sallet and Mythic Beast Plate a female Yuke will resemble Sandy, a female Clavat will resemble Cindy, and a female Lilty will resemble Mindy. They are based on the Final Fantasy X aeons.

Non-Final Fantasy AppearancesEdit

Kingdom HeartsEdit

In the original Kingdom Hearts, "Mindy", "Cindy", and "Sandy" are the names of three Gummi Ship blueprints.

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortableEdit

The Magus Sisters appear as a chance card in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable.

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[view  · edit  · purge]Magus is the Latin word for "wizard". Its plural is Magi.


  • In Final Fantasy X, when the Sisters perform their Overdrive, they surround the enemy party in eight Crystals, four of blue hue, and four of red-orange hue. This is a reference back to Final Fantasy IV, where there were four blue Crystals of the surface world, and four red-orange Crystals of the Underground.
  • In Live A Live, an RPG for Super Famicom developed by Square and directed by Final Fantasy IV lead designer Takashi Tokita, the bosses Chan, Shan, and Lin greatly resemble the Magus Sisters.
  • The BradyGames strategy guide for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster mixes up the attack descriptions for Razzia and Camisade.
  • In Final Fantasy X the special attacks "Razzia" and "Camisade" have origins in military tactics: Razzia comes from Arabic, Ghazw, meaning "raid" and Camisado is a surprise raid during times when the enemy is supposed to be asleep. Passado is a fencing skill—a forward lunge with an epee or rapier.

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