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Magitek infantry in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

The magitek infantry (魔導兵, Madō-hei?) is an army of robotic soldiers that serves Niflheim in the Final Fantasy XV Universe. It was introduced by Chancellor Ardyn Izunia to be further developed by research minister Verstael Besithia. Its forces appear in Final Fantasy XV, Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, and Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. The soldiers are often referred to with the slang term "MT," short for "magitek trooper," and a play on their soulless, or "empty," nature.


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The infantry units you callously dub 'MTs' all began as babes in this very facility. Imprinted with serial codes and incubated until they were strong enough to fight. What a pity. Innocent souls fated to the hands of a foreign king. Well, not so 'MT' after all, are they?
—Ardyn Izunia

A rogue MT in Zegnautus Keep.

Magitek soldiers are weaponized daemons developed and produced in Zegnautus Keep, Niflheim's magitek laboratory. After the empire believed they had discovered a way to control organisms mutated by the Starscourge, they began the Deathless Project to develop a magitek army. Magitek troopers are plasmodia-based biological weapons that avoid light, as their cellular structure breaks down upon exposure, the cells being converted to benign molecules. Thus, MTs are encased in lightproof armor.

An army of MTs able to fight in daylight thus proved superior to human troops, and Niflheim's human infantry was replaced by magitek units and Niflheim began augmenting biological materials through cloning. MTs are different from natural daemons in that their behavior can be programmed, and thus Niflheim believes they can be controlled. This may be related to the serial number tattooed in each unit, which also allows them to pass through the imperial magitek laboratory freely. It later turns out however that yet unprogrammed MTs begin to go rogue.

MTs can wield a variety of weapons and can even self-destruct to take out opponents by latching onto them. Some have built-in firearms in their arms. Their lightproof armor makes them weak to lightning, but they are generally resilient. MTs are often deployed from dropships, and such groups carry a flag of Niflheim among them. Many find being in their presence uneasy as magitek troopers are silent and expressionless, move robotically, and don't react much to being damaged.


Final Fantasy XV Niflheim Troops

A pair of magitek infantrymen (former all-purpose model).

In M.E. 722 Ardyn Izunia entered Niflheim and proposed the development of a magitek army. A year later, the empire began mass producing magitek soldiers in preparation for war with Lucis. As Niflheim's new forces overwhelmed Lucis two years later, the reigning monarch of Lucis concentrated the nation's magical barrier around the Crown City and took up a siege position.[1]

In M.E. 745 the astral goddess of ice, Shiva, awoke as a giantess and attacked the imperial territory. The magitek army killed her, but Niflheim lost most of its army, and began developing magitek soldiers that would be strong enough to fight astrals.[1]


A magitek soldier.

As depicted in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, the magitek infantry invaded Tenebrae in an attempt to kill King Regis and his young son, Noctis. Under the leadership of Imperial General Glauca, it slaughtered many innocent bystanders. Twelve years later, on M.E. 756 the day a peace treaty is to be signed between Lucis and Niflheim, the magitek infantry breaches the Wall and invades Insomnia. It kills the Lucian ruling council and much of the Crown City's populace. Prince Noctis and his friends are not in the city when it is invaded, as they are on their way to Altissia.

As depicted in Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, Noctis, Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia, and Prompto Argentum stop for a meal at a diner. As the friends eat, they see a Niflheim airship dispatch several magitek infantrymen outside. Noctis and company devise a strategy to defeat the robots and attack. Later on, after Noctis and his allies slaughter a Garula, they are confronted by more magitek infantrymen. The synthetic soldiers are easily dismantled, and the fight against them reminds Gladiolus of how he and Noctis became friends.

Niflheim Forces

Ravus given command of the Imperial Army by Minister Verstael.

Ravus Nox Fleuret is appointed the leader of the Imperial Army by Verstael after Insomnia's fall. He uses it to attack Noctis and his allies, as well as in attempts to kill the astrals. Many of Ravus's magitek infantrymen are lost in the battle against Leviathan.

In the Piztala region, a horde of magitek troopers attacks a train carrying Noctis and his friends. Noctis and Prompto team up to fend them off. Meanwhile, in Gralea, the Starscourge has broken out as a virulent plague that decimates the capital city. Researchers identify that the overuse of daemons in their army caused the outbreak, but are unable to do anything. Unprogrammed magitek infantrymen begin to go haywire and attack imperial citizens.


Prompto's serial code tattooed to his wrist.

When Noctis goes to Gralea to rescue Prompto, he learns magitek infantrymen are daemons encased in lightproof armor. He finds several of the robotic soldiers lying dormant within Zegnautus Keep, and also discovers that, under the code name "Project Deathless", humans were once mass-produced in Niflheim to become magitek troopers. After Noctis, Ignis, and Gladiolus rescue Prompto, they learn he was raised to become a magitek infantryman. Prompto is still able to use the serial code with which he was branded at birth.

The Starscourge engulfs Eos in an eternal night, with Emperor Aldercapt becoming a daemon as well. The empire is implied to have collapsed with Gralea devastated and devoid of humans. The magitek infantry is presumably no longer being manufactured.

When Noctis and his friends return to the ruins of Insomnia to fulfill the prophecy of the True King, they find Insomnia still swarmed with magitek troopers.

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Iris's Eclipse against an MT.

In Final Fantasy XV, the imperial dropships periodically drop magitek infantry to fight Prince Noctis and his party. They are less commonly dropped onto roads, but it can still happen. Magitek infantry are also fought in the imperial bases and during story scenes in Chapters 9 and 11. Magitek troopers are fought in Zegnautus Keep and in the final dungeon. Magitek troopers are never fought in hunts.

Iris Amicitia's Technique, Eclipse, has a unique effect when used on magitek troopers: Iris will bind the enemy and flip into their backs and deal a devastating kick to instantly kill them.

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Imperial soldiers in the E3 2013 trailer.

In the trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the Final Fantasy XV E3 2013 trailer, the imperial soldiers appear to be human. The human infantry was replaced by the robotic magitek soldiers for the final game that also have a redesigned look, now sporting metallic faces with glowing eyes. In-game lore extolled in the research notes found in Zegnautus Keep posits that the original infantry was replaced by magitek units for efficiency's sake. The original human versions still appear in the game in the scene where Ravus and Verstael meet Emperor Aldercapt in his throne room, and when soldiers apprehend Lunafreya in Altissia.

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FFRK Magitek Infantry FFXV
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"Magitek" is a portmanteau of "magic" and "technology." The term originates from Final Fantasy VI, where magitek was similarly developed by the game's the antagonist empire.