Magicite is an Esper's power in its purest form. When an Esper dies, magicite is all that is left behind...
—Ramuh, Final Fantasy VI

Magicite (魔石, Maseki?, lit. Magic Stone), also known as Magacite and Magic Stone, is the name of magical stones in several Final Fantasy games. They usually contain a great deal of magical energies that can be extracted.


Final Fantasy IIEdit


FF2 Magicite

Magicite reference.

In the Destruction floor of the Arcane Labyrinth, the mages mention magicite. Three types of magicite (blue, green, and red) must be collected so that one of them may create the Destroy spell, which can be later obtained by fighting Deumion.

Final Fantasy VIEdit


Magicite is the leftover remains of an esper. For the esper's magical power to be fully drained, it must be transformed into magicite. The esper's soul remains anchored to the magicite, and can communicate and be temporarily summoned back into their living incarnation. They are equippable by the player characters in the menu, where they can teach the characters magic, can summon the esper, or grant stat boosts.

There is also an item called Magicite Shard, which can summon a random esper when used in battle. Magicite Shards will never summon Odin, Raiden or any of the four espers exclusive to the Advance and mobile versions.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit


Stone with magic power.

Magic Stone is a common item that can be obtained from various sources. It can be dropped from a level 1-19 Abyss Worm or T-Rexaur, a level 20-29 Armadodo, Belhelmel, Bite Bug, Blitz, Blobra, Bomb, Caterchipillar, Geezard, Elastoid, Funguar, Jelleye, Lefty, Red Bat, Righty, and Vysage, a level 30+ Blood Soul, a level 1-29 Ochu, and any leveled Buel and Oilboyle. In addition, it can be be mugged from a level 1-19 Abyss Worm and Righty, level 20-29 Bite Bug, Blobra, and Buel, and any leveled Armadodo.

Magic Stone, being the second tier item for the M-Stone Piece, is a common item for various common spells. It can be refined into 5 Fira, Blizzara, Cura, Berserk, Dispel, Thundara, or Haste spells, and can be refined from 1 Grat, Buel, or Jelleye card.

Final Fantasy XIEdit


The powerrr of magicite is an ominous, cursed energy. It is a manifestation of evil that we cannot tolerrrate.
—Perih Vashai

Magicite is an unusual crystalline substance of tremendous power. Magicite is rare, having only been found in caverns under the well-guarded strongholds of the three major beastmen races. The primary theory behind magicite formation involves the broken conduits, parts of the ancient Crystal Line, which run through the caverns. Energy surging through the line seeps out of the broken conduit and is absorbed by the cavern's soil and water, crystallizing into magicite.

"Black magicite" is a type of magicite forged from the crystallization of pure Emptiness. Black magicite is an extremely dangerous substance, possessing power beyond even ordinary magicite; the source of the black magicite's power causes any person who comes in contact with it, or attempts to use it as a weapon, to become corrupted with darkness. Black magicite is responsible for many tragedies throughout Vana'diel's history.

The only source of black magicite appears to come from the Northlands, but all who have come in contact with it have suffered tremendously. One example is Yow Rabntah's forging of the Bow of Light, a weapon infused with shards of the enormous black magicite crystal found in the Northlands, which caused her to start a bloody civil war and branded her as a "sinner" by her fellow Mithra. The black magicite originally found in the Northlands was later stored at the Tavnazia Cathedral as an artifact called the "Star of Tavnazia".

The only known method for the creation of black magicite is to expose Emptiness to the holy light within an artifact known as the "Eye of Altana", which was also guarded by the Tavnazia Cathedral prior to the outbreak of the Crystal War. It has since been lost.

There are two exceptions to the overwhelming danger of black magicite: through exposure to holy light (either by the Eye of Altana or the Dawnmadians) certain individuals have had the emptiness contained within themselves (as emptiness exists within all the Children of Altana) crystallize somewhere on their body. As a side effect of this crystallization, the individual ceases aging and may become immortal (this is never explicitly confirmed, however Prishe implies her immortality is the reason she survived against Shinryu). The only two individuals to experience this are the Zilart Prince Eald'narche (in his right eye) and Prishe (on her chest).

Final Fantasy XIIEdit


FF12 - Skystone

Magicite is a magickal stone containing high amounts of Mist that can extract magick. While the player can't equip magicite, they can sell it as loot. There are two additional subsets of magicite: nethicite, which can absorb mist, and auracite, which has the ability to summon Yarhi, much like regular magicite in Final Fantasy VI.

Magicite has many uses in Ivalice, including Spellstones that enable the use of magic, Skystones that power airships, and Memstones which hold visions and sounds and allow others to experience them like a recorded device. Magicite is a naturally occurring substance, being mined in the Lhusu Mines and Henne Mines. Regions in jagd disrupt the operation of airship Skystones due to the high concentration of magicite in the soil of such regions, but during the events of the game Draklor Laboratory produces Skystones that allow airships to fly in jagd safely.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit


Have you ever used Magicite before? It's basically magic energy in crystallized form, so you've got to handle it with extreme caution—unless you want to get blown sky high. You know they developed that stuff for people who are too clumsy to cast spells, don't you? I guess I could see it being more useful than actual magic in some situations, though.
—Class Fourth Cadet

A Magicite charge.

Magicite exists in Orience, but as Class Zero cadets are apt magic users, they don't get in contact with Magicite much seeing it was developed for people who can't use magic as well. Unlike spells, Magicite consistently produces the same level of destructive energy irrespective of the user. After years of trial and error, the Sorcery Division of Akademeia managed to crystallize pure attack magic energy and create Magicite. Due to Magicite's explosive nature, it is useful on infiltration missions. During the Infiltration of Iscah, Class Zero must destroy the town's subterranean dynamos with Magicite charges. One of the Class Zero cadets, Cater, wields a gun powered by Magicite.

Final Fantasy AgitoEdit


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Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

FFCC Orbs of magicite are magical stones found in treasure chests or dropped by many monsters when they die. Equipping them in action slots allows the characters to cast spells. Magicite itself is temporary; while players can cast that spell as many times as they would like as long as it is equipped, the orbs will not be retained to other levels. There are rings that can be acquired, which are permanent additions to the player's inventory.

In single-player mode, the player can fuse magicite alone or with the help of Mog to create more powerful spells, while in multiplayer-mode, two or more players must combine their spells to create larger spells.

Single-player mode allows multiple orbs of magicite to link together; multiplayer removes this option, requiring each character to overlap their casting ring in order to form the new spell. This does open the possibility for circumventing some combinations with proper timing, i.e. two Fire spells casting Firaga, as well as creating problematic combinations by miscasting a spell due to improper timing, i.e. switching Slow with Holy.

While fusing, any ring can take the place of its spell's magicite orb. In single-player mode, some spells (Curaga, Graviga) are unable to be fused. In multiplayer-mode, to fuse a weapon with a spell requires the focus attack's and spell's rings to match, rather than combining the orb with the weapon.

Fusion listEdit

Blizzard Magic
  • Blizzard (Blizzard)
  • Blizzara (Blizzard + Blizzard)
  • Blizzaga (Blizzard + Blizzard + Blizzard)
  • Icestrike (Focus Attack + Blizzard)
Fire Magic
  • Fire (Fire)
  • Fira (Fire + Fire)
  • Firaga (Fire + Fire + Fire)
  • Firestrike (Focus Attack + Fire)
Thunder Magic
  • Thunder (Thunder)
  • Thundara (Thunder + Thunder)
  • Thundaga (Thunder + Thunder + Thunder)
  • Thunderstrike (Focus Attack + Thunder)
Gravity Magic
  • Gravity (Fire + Blizzard, Blizzard + Thunder, or Fire + Thunder)
  • Graviga (Fire + Blizzard + Thunder)
Healing Magic
Time Magic
  • Haste (Life + Cure + Cure)
  • Slow (Life + Blizzard, Life + Fire, or Life + Thunder)
  • Stop (Life + Fire + Blizzard, Life + Blizzard + Thunder, or Life + Fire + Thunder)
Holy Magic
  • Holy (Blizzard + Life, Fire + Life, or Thunder + Life)
  • Holyra (Blizzard + Life + Life, Fire + Life + Life, or Thunder + Life + Life)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesEdit


Ffccrof magicite

Magicite as it appears on the menu.

Magicite stays the same in appearance as round magical stones and can still be fused to cast stronger spells, but work a little differently. Magicite can be taken with the character and used in the next dungeon. They can also be purchased from a Magicite Store in Rebena Te Ra.

Each stone can only be used once. In the beginning only 10 of each type of Magicite can be carried by a character, excluding the Raise Magicite, which is 4 when beginning. Pockets can be found or purchased to carry more Magicite with the limit being 99.

Magicite is still fused through characters combining their spells, but as they level up, the character will be able to pile more onto an area to cast a spell. The lock lasts for a couple of seconds and during this time the character can cast another spell to fuse with the one still locked onto an area.

Players can also steal a magic pile from enemies. When an enemy is a casting a spell, the player can move their target ring onto the enemies, and if done right, will have control over it. This won't work if the pile doesn't create a combination spell and will instead force the enemy spell to activate prematurely before it can fully reach its target.

There is also a Plus-One effect; if the target rings match up perfectly, the center will turn red with blue electricity around it. This will add +1 to the spell being cast.

Magicite revealed to be made of alchemically processed elemental essences. Using an alchemist pot the player is able to collect elemental essences and process them to create magicite, and if incorrectly processed, creates an unstable black magicite called Dark Matter. Dark Matter can be re-processed with white and dark elemental essence to create elementally charged crafting materials.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a KingEdit

FFCCMLaaK Magicite is collected by Adventurers in dungeons. They are necessary to upgrade magic abilities that Black Mages and White Mages can learn from the Black Mage Academy and White Mage Temple. The Black Mage Academy will need Fire Magicite and Frost Magicite, while the White Mage Temple will need Restoration Magicite and Enhancing Magicite.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

FFCCEoT Magic Stones are a set of six jewels that give the ability MATK Boost at corresponding levels to any piece of equipment.

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