Gimme Elixir!
—Magic Pot

Magic Pot is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. They appear in the Northern Cave. Along with the Mover, Magic Pots are highly desirable enemies to fight, as they leave behind obscene amounts of EXP, gil, and especially AP.



# Formation
885 Magic Pot
886 Magic Pot A, Magic Pot B
887 Magic Pot A, Magic Pot B (Side Attack)


Northern Cave
Water Crossing 885, 886, 887 (Side Attack)
Water Path 885, 886, 887 (Side Attack)


Magic Pots are immune to all damage until the player uses an Elixir on them, thus making them useless if the player has none. They may also steal items and escape from the party if they attack before feeding the Magic Pot Elixirs. Other enemies in the area have Elixirs to steal, or the player can use the W-Item duplication bug to produce more. Since the Magic Pot will not do anything except ask for Elixirs until attacked, the player has all the time they need to use the bug.

Magic Pot can steal a random item from the party's inventory with the Gimme ability that it uses as a counter-attack.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Setup {

Magic Pot's Physical Immunity = On
Magic Pot's Magical Immunity = On

} AI: Main {

If (TempVar:Elixir == 0) Then
Print Message [Magic Pot "Gimme Elixir!"]

} AI: Counter - General {

If ((Last Command was Item or W-Item)
& (Last Sub-Command == 0x05 (Elixir))) Then
TempVar:Elixir = 1
Magic Pot's Physical Immunity = Off
Magic Pot's Magical Immunity = Off
} Else If (TempVar:Elixir == 0) Then {
If (1/4 Chance) Then {
Choose Magic Pot's Last Attacker (General)
Use <Gimme> on Target
} Else If (1/16 Chance) Then {
Choose Self
Use <(Report)> on Target
Remove Self


Other appearancesEdit

Mobius Final FantasyEdit

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