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FFIX Return Magic

Return Magic as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Magic Counter (まほうカウンター, Mahō Kauntā?), also known as Return Magic (魔法返し, Mahō-gaeshi?), Counterspell (カウンターマジック, Kauntā Majikku?), Counter Magic, and Magick Counter, is a recurring ability in Final Fantasy series. It allows the user to strike back when hit with spells, either physically or with the same spell, depending on the game.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

VII Magic Counter is a Support Materia with a chance of countering with the linked Magic or Summon Materia. The probability increases with the Materia's level starting at 30% and reaches 100% on level four. Magic Counter can be found in the Northern Cave and is a prize in chocobo racing S Class.

The counter-effect can be stacked up to eight times on a single character, meaning that if the same character equips multiple counter-effect Materia they will counterattack multiple times (however, Final Attack and Sneak Attack Materia also occupy this space). It is possible to counter four times in a single counter if the linked Materia is also linked with Quadra Magic. Knights of the Round doesn't usually work with Quadra Magic, but if the player equips Magic Counter with Master Summon, and Quadra Magic with another Master Summon, there is a small chance to counterattack with four Knights of the Round attacks.

When linked to regular Magic Materia, the ability used as a counter attack will be the highest level ability in the current level of the linked Materia. Linking to Summon Materia will simply counter with the normal summon attack. When linked to Master Magic or Master Summon, any of the possible spells/summons will be picked at random.

If the Magic Materia is linked with a support ability that naturally targets party members, the spell will be used on the character who has the Magic Counter equipped, or the player's group, if the ability is area-of-effect.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

IX Return Magic is a support ability for Vivi and Amarant. When hit by a magic spell, Vivi/Amarant counters by casting the same spell. Return Magic uses no MP and the caster does not need to know the spell. Return Magic is learned from Coronet or Brigandine, and requires 9 Magic Stones to equip. Vivi needs 90 AP to master the ability, while Amarant requires 170 AP. Below is a list of spells that works with Return Magic.

List of spells:

Final Fantasy XEdit

X Magic Counter is an auto-ability for weapons. It can be customized onto any weapon using 16 Shining Gems. The user strikes their attacker physically after taking damage from a spell.

Oddly, Magic Counter also appears on an armor: a Buckler, that can be bought from Rin's traveling hovercraft on the party's first visit to the Calm Lands. Since Buckler is the name for an accessory when no abilities are equipped, it can be assumed that Magic Counter was never designed to appear on an armor.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

X-2 Magic Counter is a Berserker ability. It costs 300 AP to learn, and like its predecessor, it involves a physical counter to a magic attack.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

LR Counterspell is a Defensive ability. When an enemy attacks, Lightning will evade the attack and return the damage onto the enemy by way of magic damage. The Counterspell ability can be obtained by defeating the Cactuar and Cactair enemies in the Dead Dunes.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT Magick Counter, also known as Counter Magic in the original version, is a reaction ability learned by the Black Mage class for 800 JP. When an offensive magick is cast upon a unit with this ability, the unit will instantly counter with the same magick with same effect area regardless of casting range, given that the unit's condition allows them to do so, i.e. has enough MP, and not affected by ailments which prevent the user from casting magick. The user needs not to know the particular spell to be countered, which means the Bio spells, Unholy Darkness, Meltdown, Tornado and Quake, normally unattainable by the player, can be countered (used) with this skill too.

Magick that is self-cast, reflected (either being the one reflecting or attacked by the reflected), cast by Arithmeticks or weapon (except guns) will not trigger this ability. The magick of random tier shot by any of the three magickal guns can be countered and retained the same tier and effect area as if normally casting the Black Magick; thus, when Blizzaga is shot by the Glacial Gun, the ability user will counter the offender by Blizzaga with two grids of effect radius.

Although the Time Magick Quick has a positive effect, it can be cast back by this ability as well, allowing player to form an action cycle between two allies by casting Quick back and forth to surpass the enemies' speed.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

TA Return Magic is a reaction ability learned by Black Mages and Bishops. It can be learned from the Black Robe for 300 AP. Spells are countered with the same spell. The caster does not need to know the spell. Some spells cannot be returned (such as Blue Magic).

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

TA2 Magick Counter is learned by Black Mages and Bishops as well as the new gria class, Geomancer. It is learned from the Samite Coat for 400 AP. Once again it counters magic with the same spell, assuming the user has MP to cast the spell with.

Final Fantasy Tactics SEdit


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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


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