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Magic Breath

Magic Breath in Final Fantasy VII.

[Fire/Ice/Lightning] damage on all opponents

Magic Breath (マジカルブレス, Majikaru Buresu?), also known as Mana Breath, is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Magic Breath is an Enemy Skill that deals massive Fire, Lightning, and Ice-elemental damage to all opponents. If an enemy can absorb any of those three elements, it will absorb all damage (similar to the multi-elemental Summon Kjata). The spell costs 75 MP, but is one of the strongest Enemy Skills in the game (surpassing even Beta). Magic Breath can be learned from the enemies Stilva and Parasite.

Magic Breath's spell power is equal to 4.8125x the base magic damage.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Mana Breath is an enemy ability used by Sanctuary Keeper. It inflicts massive non-elemental magic damage to one party member with a power of 48 and is capable of breaking the damage limit.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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  • Magic Breath is one of three spells in Final Fantasy VII with a multi-elemental attack, the others being the Kjata and Typhoon summons.

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