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The Mage is a type of job class, adept at manipulating magic, shared by friends and foes alike. The archetypal mages in the series are the White Mage, Black Mage, and Red Mage, all introduced in the original Final Fantasy. Other Mages that were introduced later in the series are the Blue Mage, Time Mage, and Green Mage.

Offset by specializing in highly advanced magical skills, they are often physically weak, usually using staves and rods as weapons, and can only wear Robes and clothes. Typical roles of a mage include restoring health without the use of items, efficiently dispatching large groups of enemies using the elements, or empowering allies with defensive or offensive spells.

Types of MagesEdit

White MageEdit


White Mages specialize in healing HP and removing status ailment. Often, their skillsets contain spells focusing on enhancing party's battle capabilities.

White WizardEdit


Black MageEdit

Vivi Ornitier character

Black Mages oppose White Mages in that they concentrate on dealing damage to enemies through spells. Often, their skillsets contain spells focusing on inflicting status ailments on enemies.

Black WizardEdit


Red MageEdit


Red Mages come as "jack-of-all-trades", able to use swords and such and the ability to use White and Black Magic spells, often only basic few from each school of magic.

Red WizardEdit

Blue MageEdit

Blue Mage V

Blue Mages are similar to Red Mages, although their skillsets are exclusively composed of selected few enemy abilities known as Blue Magic.

Time MageEdit

Time Mages are able to manipulate the flow of time and space. They have a range of non-elemental offensive magic, gravity magic, and status magic, both buffs and debuffs.

Green MageEdit

Green Mages utilize status magic in their skillsets, taking away White Mages' status-enhancing spells and Black Mages' status-afflicting spells when they appear in the same game.


Summoners are able to call forth powerful beasts collectively known as "summoned monsters." These summoned monsters have a variety of skills, like healing, damaging, supportive, and debilitating, making them a rival class to Blue Mages at times. Often, summoning is quite pricey and is usually in boss battles.


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