Madoushi: The Battle of Kiri and Kumo is the eighteenth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Unlimited Episode 18

Madoushi: The Battle of Kiri and Kumo

Story DetailEdit


FFU Episode 18 - Madoushi, Resurrected

Madoushi is revived

Oscha, standing in a dark room, holding a small straw doll, appears to be speaking to a red cape and sword, similar to Makenshi's. A cloud of red mist appears, and a man similar in appearance to Makenshi, standing in the center of it. Oscar confirms the man's suspicion that he has been revived, calling him Madoushi.

Cloud HoppingEdit

FFU Episode 18 - Chobi Amongst the Clouds

Chobi takes the plunge

Jane has found its way on top of the clouds, where is seems to rest on them. The children question whether the clouds can support them, but hesitate to test. Chobi leaps off before Yu can stop him, and confirms the clouds are able to support people. Most of the crew take the opportunity to relax, after all the hardwork they've done recently.

In the bridge, Cid explains to Knave that they can't move at all, and wonders aloud as to the challenge that this part of the puzzle poses. Lisa takes a moment to feel the energy of the clouds, but can not sense any threat. Kaze stands apart from the others, seemingly being distracted by something.

Meanwhile at the fortress of Gaudium, Makenshi sits outside on the ledge, also distracted, as Oscha looks on. Inside the Earl informs Pist that it is Oscha who will present the next challenge to the crew of Jane. Returning outside, Makenshi is suddenly surprised about something.

Red MistEdit

FFU Episode 18 - Red Mist

Madoushi's mist

The crew quickly return to the Jane when pillars of stone erupt from the clouds. What emerges looks akin to the ruins of a lost civilization, and Standing at the foot it Madoushi. The crew initially mistake him for Makenshi in red clothes, and prepare fire.

Before they can fire, Madoushi unleashes an aura of red mist. The mist paralyzes everyone except Kaze. As Kaze primes the Magun, Makenshi is shown watching Chaos, which suddenly flares. Kaze loads the Magun and summons Shiva, the Ice Queen.

However, Madoushi destroys her with one sweep of his sword. He released a wave of energy from his sword that seals Kaze in a red cube.

White MistEdit

FFU Episode 18 - Madoushi vs Meteor

Madoushi defending against a meteor

Crux is seen overhead, moments before Makenshi descends. The two talk for a moment, with Madoushi claiming he was revived to finish his fight with Makenshi, whom he reveals is his brother.

A flashback reveals what seems to be the destruction of Makenshi and Madoushi's world; with many meteors falling, and what appears to be one of Makenshi's dragons flying overhead. Returning to the present Madoushi states that he has come to discover which of the two is the stronger, and challenges Makenshi.

FFU Episode 18 - Flare Sword

Madoushi's Flare Sword

After Makenshi refuses to draw his sword, Madoushi charges in order to force him to do so. Realizing the threat Madoushi poses, Makenshi draws his sword and the two engage in a duel. The powers used escalate until Pist, observing from his lair, begins to worry if the Ocean Puzzle can handle this amount of power.

Madoushi defeats Makenshi, but before he had stricken the finishing blow, the gem in his sword shatters. Realizing it was Shiva that shattered it, Madoushi charges Makenshi, who is swiftly recovering, in an attempt to finish the fight. Makenshi is able to overpower Madoushi this time, and kills him.


FFU Episode 18 - Memory of Battle

Lisa's memory of Makenshi and Kaze's strength

With Madoushi now dead, the mist dissipates, allowing the crew of Jane to move freely once more. When Lisa glances over to Kaze, she sees he has drawn his side arm, and has aimed it at Makenshi. She instantly recalls the destruction they unleashed last time they fought.

Before Kaze can engage Makenshi, Jane and her crew are transported to the next part of the Ocean Puzzle.