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The Machine Faction in the Djose Temple.

One of the many groups in the world of Final Fantasy X-2 that cropped up around Spira with the arrival of the Eternal Calm, the Machine Faction aims to propagate the use of machina in Spira, going as far as renaming "machina" as "machines" to remove any lingering stigma.

The leader is Gippal, an Al Bhed who establishes the Machine Faction after Yuna defeats Sin. The Faction keeps its headquarters in the abandoned Djose Temple, with a connection to Bikanel Island so that people can join and excavate in the desert.

Unlike the Youth League and New Yevon, two other groups formed in the aftermath of Sin's destruction, the Machine Faction is neutral, providing its machines to both sides.

The group would soon go on to discover Iutycyr Tower, an long-forgotten ancient structure believed to predate Zanarkand.

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