Final Fantasy X-2 Enemy
Machina Hunter
マキナハンター (Makina Hantā)
Machina Hunter ffx-2
Level HP MP
19 1,780 0
Strength Magic Defense
23 20 0
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
0 71 0
Evasion Luck
0 0
63 1 30
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water
- Absorb -
Ice Gravity Holy
- - -
Location Bikanel
Via Infinito Floors 27 - 29
Chapter(s) 3, 5
Common Steal Budget Grenade
Rare Steal Silence Grenade
Gil Steal 60
Common Drop Budget Grenade
Rare Drop Silence Grenade
Bribe Amount {{{Bribe Amount}}}
Common Bribe None
Rare Bribe None
Abilities Impale
Blue Bullet None
Status Resist Eject (6)
Status Immunity Death, Petrification, Sleep, Silence, Poison, Confusion, Berserk, Curse, Doom
Other Information This enemy does not Oversoul.
An ancient Machina that wanders in search of Foes. Having gone over one thousand years without maintenance, its Attacks are weak and its actions simple. A shame.

The Machina Hunter is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2.


It is not a particularly strong enemy, and just about any attack, except Lightning-elemental attacks, will work against it. It is usually accompanied by other Machina-type enemies.


Machina is the Latin word for "machine."

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