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Final Fantasy X Enemy
メチーエ (Mechīe)
#191#192 #193
HP Overkill MP
18,000 20,000 59
Strength Magic Defense
35 1 55
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
10 39 0
Evasion Luck
0 15
AP (Overkill) Gil
8,300 (12,450) 1,450
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water Ice Holy
- - - - -
Sensor None
Location Omega Ruins
Common Steal Hi-Potion x2
Rare Steal Stamina Tonic
Common Drop Mana Sphere
Rare Drop Lv. 3 Key Sphere
Weapon Drop Piercing, Strength +5%, Magic +5%, SOS Overdrive
Armor Drop Defense +10%, Defense +20%
Bribe Chocobo Wing x60 (450,000 gil)
Abilities Physical attack, Blades
Ronso Rage None
Resistant to Silence (20), Darkness (95)
Immune to Sleep, Poison, Power Break, Sensor, Scan
Monster Arena Omega Dungeon
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Machea is an enemy in Final Fantasy X. It is found in the Omega Ruins. While being more powerful than most of the other fiends of its species, it is still not too much of a challenge. Normal attacks will be more than enough to bring it down, though it does come with other enemies. Bribing Macheas, though costing an expensive 450,000 gil, is one of the best ways to obtain Chocobo Wings, which can be used to add Auto-Haste to Armor.

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