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Macalania (マカラーニャ, Makarānya?) is a region in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Located in the north area of Spira, it is just south of Bevelle.

Macalania is a watery region focused around Lake Macalania. In the southern areas around the lake the Macalania Woods are located, and to the north the area is an icy tundra where Macalania Temple is located.


  • "Macarena" is mentioned by Tidus who mispronounces the name of Macalania Temple. This alludes to the popular song "Macarena", by Los del Río. When he is corrected, he responds by saying "Aye". (In Japanese Tidus mixes up "Malacania" for "Macalania" and does not make a pop culture reference.)
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