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What a relief... I was worried you might have beaten up one of the guards.
—Ma Dincht

Ma Dincht is a non-player character from Final Fantasy VIII. The adoptive mother of Zell Dincht, Ma Dincht adopted Zell from Edea's Orphanage and raised him in Balamb, later sending him to be educated in Balamb Garden. She always stays optimistic and proud of her son and is always welcoming to any of his friends that come to visit.

It is unknown what happened to Zell's adoptive father, and, presumably, Ma Dincht's husband, as he is not specified in the game. When Zell talks about his adoption at the Trabia Garden he mentions his "parents" in plural.


Triple TriadEdit



Ma Dincht possesses a rare card of her son which can be won from her in a game of Triple Triad in her house in Balamb. The earliest time the player can play her at cards is after returning from the Siege of Dollet mission. The player must first enter and exit the house before entering again, and have Zell in the party, to play her.

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