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The MP is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII. It is encountered in the Sector 1, and a pair of them are the first enemies fought in the game.

In the full releases of the game, only Cloud (called EX-SOLDIER) appears during this fight, but in the 1996 Demo release, Barret and Aeris join him, despite Barret having proceeded already. The guards also appear differently before the battle; they are a much darker blue, with their masks' features less visible, and their name is Security Troops rather than MP. In a later demo version, Cloud fights this battle alongside Tifa.

In the PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII, defeating the MPs earns the player the "Won 1st Battle" achievement.


# Formation
300 MP A, MP B
301 MP A, MP B
303 MP, Guard Hound
306 Row 1: MP A, MP B
Row 2: Mono Drive
307 MP A, MP B
328 MP A, MP B
329 Row 1: MP A, MP B
Row 2: MP C
330 MP A, MP B, MP C (Attack from both sides)
372 MP
374 Guard Hound, MP


Sector 1
Platform (first time) 300 (event)
Platform (after exiting once) 301, 303
Sector 1 Station 301, 303
Sector 1 301, 303
Outside Reactor 306, 307
Sector 8
Bridge 328 (event), 329 (event), 330 (event)
Sector 5 Church
Staircase 372 (event), 374 (event)


They are easy enemies to defeat and use their two attacks equally, neither being powerful. Due to their low stats, MPs can be killed in one hit, either by normal attacks or magic.

AI scriptEdit

If (Self is on the front row) Then

1/2 Chance: Use Machine Gun on random opponent

1/2 Chance: Use Tonfa on random opponent


5/6 Chance: Use Machine Gun on random opponent

1/6 Chance: Use Tonfa on random opponent

  • Note: The way the AI is programmed suggests that the Machine Gun ability was meant to be a Long Range ability, but it isn't.

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit



MP from Final Fantasy VII appears as an enemy.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit



MP from Final Fantasy VII appears as an enemy.


Related enemiesEdit


Military police (MP) are police organizations connected with, or part of, the military of a state.

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