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Ffcc lynaridesert

Lynari Desert.

We met a man who said his dream was to find a great treasure hidden in the desert. Everyone burst into laughter and told him there was no such thing. But the moment I saw this place, I felt his dream would surely come true. The desert glittered like a sea of jewels under that shimmering sun.
—Narration, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Ffcc mapicon lynaridesert

The Lynari Desert (ライナリー砂漠, Rainarī Sabaku?) is a large desert (both stage and map-wise) from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on the northern reaches of Lynari Island.

In a big pit in the end lies an Antlion. By completing certain tasks players can obtain the Mystery Element which is needed to continue onto the next area.

Bestiary Edit

Boss (All Cycles)
Support Monsters
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