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Aww, man! Why do I get stuck on the weak team? We're just gonna lose. Where's the fun in that?

Lyle is a resident of St. Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Lyle attends the same school where Marche Radiuju enrolled after moving into town, where he is the PE Head—a student, usually a boy, who cleans up after a PE lesson.

Story Edit


Lyle and the other students in a snowball fight.

Lyle is in cohorts with two other kids, Guinness and Colin. The three are school bullies who enjoy taunting Mewt Randell for his shy, odd demeanor, and Ritz Malheur over her dyed hair. During the snowball "fight", the bullies gang up on Mewt. Mr. Leslaie, the "Master" of the fight, sees this and sends them off to his office.

It is unknown what happens to Lyle and his friends when St. Ivalice is transformed by the Gran Grimoire, until Marche and Clan Nutsy accept the quest "Prof in Trouble" to save the nu mou Professor Auggie in Lutia Pass. They discover the three bullies have been turned into Zombies and had been attacking passers-by., and Marche and the clan defeat them with ease.

When St. Ivalice reverts to its initial state, so do the three bullies, and Marche and Mewt have gathered courage to go against them. After the game, Lyle, Guinness, and Colin are Vampires in the mission "Mortal Snow", where the clan will recruit Ritz.

Gameplay Edit

Stats Edit

Move Rate Jump Rate Evade Rate
3 2 50

Growth Edit

Like the other school children, Lyle's PE Head job class has unique stat growth rate programmed into the game, though it cannot be accessed by the player without a cheat device. Because it is only used in a tutorial, its stats are low and it has no abilities.

HP MP Attack Defense Magic Power Magic Resistance Speed
4.2 E 0.0 E 2.5 E 3.3 E 0.0 E 0.0 E 1.0 D

Etymology Edit

Lyle is Old French for "the island".

Trivia Edit