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Luzzu is a non-player character from Final Fantasy X. Luzzu is a Crusader of Spira stationed at Besaid along with Gatta.



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Close friends with Wakka's brother Chappu, and convinced him to join the Crusaders and fight with a Machina weapon during the battle with Sin that killed Chappu. When Lulu, Chappu's girlfriend, heard of this, she hit Luzzu.

FFX HD Luzzu

Luzzu tells Tidus about the Crusaders.

Luzzu is stationed at Besaid, and meets Tidus when he arrives to the islands and upon learning of his "amnesia" orders Gatta to explains the Crusaders to him. They hint that the Crusaders' final battle with Sin is soon at hand, and that they have been excommunicated from Yevon. In the Kilika Woods, Luzzu warns Yuna's party of the Lord Ochu sleeping in the forest, and if the party slay the fiend, is impressed with the feat and rewards the party with an Elixir.

Luzzu punched

Luzzu getting punched by Wakka.

Shortly before Operation Mi'ihen, Luzzu admits to Chappu's brother Wakka he was the one who got Chappu to join, and is punched leaving Tidus to hold Wakka back. Depending on how Tidus advises Gatta before the Operation, the player can decide the fate of Luzzu and Gatta. If the player talks to Gatta twice and tells him his place should be at the front lines, Gatta is killed. In any other situation, Luzzu is killed.

If Gatta is killed, Luzzu is found at Djose Temple. Wakka attempts to convince Luzzu to return to Besaid, but Luzzu shouts at him. Wakka reminds Luzzu that he, too, has lost someone dear to him, calming Luzzu down.

If Luzzu is killed, Gatta will say he found Luzzu's body torn in half on the Djose shore.

After gaining control of the Fahrenheit, Yuna and her friends can return to Besaid and find either Luzzu or Gatta training a new group of Crusaders, ever vigilant in the face of Sin. In the game's ending, either Gatta or Luzzu is seen in among the cheering Besaid villagers, depending on which one survived.

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Luzzu is voiced by Ryuuzou Ishino in the Japanese version and John DeMita in the English version.



  • It is possible that Gatta and Luzzu's absence from Final Fantasy X-2 is in large part because the surviving member of the duo varies among different players of the game, despite Gatta's survival being considered canon.
  • Regardless of whether Luzzu or Gatta dies, Luzzu's dead body, fully intact, can be seen in the hut at the Djose Temple after Operation Mi'ihen.

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