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Clan Nutsy soundly defeating Clan Dip.

Much-traveled pass, with the occasional roadshop.

Lutia Pass (ルテチア峠, Rutechia-tōge?) is a mountain location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is the site of "Mission #002: Thesis Hunt", where Marche and company confront a band of thieves that have stolen a thesis.

Lutia Pass is also the site of "Mission #044: Snow in Lutia", "Mission #045: Frosty Mage", "Mission #046: Prof in Trouble", "Mission #072: Lutia Mop-up", and the clan in "Mission #101: Clan Roundup" spawns from here. Lutia Pass can be freed in "Mission #241: Lutia Pass" after "Mission #004: Desert Peril".

Missions Edit

  • Mission #002: Thesis Hunt

I search for my master the late Dr. Dalilei's thesis. It was taken from me by bandits as I crossed the Lutia Pass. Dr. Coleman, Geologist

  • Mission #044: Snow in Lutia

Would you please take my children to play in the snow on Lutia Pass? I'll make you lunch! Please watch out for monsters. "Auntie Larsu"

  • Mission #045: Frosty Mage

I saw a bad wizard doing something up in the snow mountains. He's up to no good, I know it! He was making all this ice! Laudy, Shopkeeper's Son

  • Mission #046: Prof in Trouble

Please find Prefessor Auggie. He's been gone to the Lutia Pass for three days now. Maybe he's lost, or buried in an avalanche! Dag, Research Assistant

  • Mission #072: Lutia Mop-up

We found another nest of those Borzoi worms in Lutia Pass! We've got four of their capos already, only three to go! Sprohm Town Watch

  • Mission #241: Lutia Pass

I opened a shop in Lutia Pass, but not a single customer has come yet! I think I need to advertise. Could you pass out flyers? Bintz, Tool Shop

Encounter Edit

Clan Dip Edit

Good with bows. Watch out for attacks from behind.

Turf Defense Edit

Help Lutia! Edit

  • Archer (Human)
  • Archer (Viera)
  • Soldier
  • White Mage

Gallery Edit